2008 in Review: Workplace of the Year


Larry Flynt makes his employees pay for parking. Digital Playground has never washed the Tera couch. If you work at Vivid, you have to make awkward, shoe-gazing conversation with Eon McKai by the lunch truck. GawkerMedia did away with its bonus program so I’m not getting a Gizmodo-branded hoodie for writing Fleshbot’s most-read story of 2008. Things are tough all over.

That’s all the more reason to celebrate Kink.com, which hosts employees, studio space, and even an underground river in its massive San Francisco Armoury building – and everyone seems happy.

To watch a movie shot by Kink.com is to believe that everyone on the screen just happened by Kink’s Mission Street headquarters, felt pleasant twinges in their parts, and decided to walk on in and get pissed on, electrocuted, flogged, calipered, humiliated, suspended, and violated in holes she didn’t know she had.

And it’s like Satine Phoenix, Lorelei Lee, and Olga Cabaeva live there.

I’d move to San Francisco in a heartbeat but I’d have to give up my subscription to The Watchtower.

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  1. Yea.. basically i live there. I used to live 2 blocks from kink.com and i’d walk to work in the morning, and walk back, usually with a limp or some rope marks that were visible.

    So, no more drinking this year.. but tons more debauchery. and yea.. more peeing! i wish you were at all the parties to take pictures of all the peeing i did.. and the PEE party i hosted in kink in the caribbean.. its like nothing kink.com could ever wish to film… imagine if you will… myself and a girlfriend pissing on a guy’s chest who’s in a pile driver position.. a girlfriend pisses in a bottle, shoves it in his ass, then makes him squirt it into another guys’ mouth. … now THAT’S PEEING! that was only one of the party’s amazing activities. one of the best was the all girl pee dogpile… and watching two guys fight over my pee as i squirted it into the air at their faces. oh my.. what fun..

    see you in vegas yo!

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