A “Jeannie” that wishes it were “Bewitched”

Sexy and available women confined to one location was what 60’s television was all about: Ginger and Mary Anne, Jeannie, and – well, I can’t recall any others. But that’s exactly what 60’s television was all about. That and the Kennedy assassination. Oh! Jackie Kennedy stuck on Air Force One while Lyndon Johnson took the Oath of Office. Doubtless that was the gold standard for jerkoff material back then.

Studio: Hustler
Director: Axel Braun
Starring: Shawna Lenee, Jazy Berlin, Dale Dabone, Ashlyn Rae, Alec Knight, Missy Woods, Carolyn Reese, Jack Lawrence, Cheyne Collins

A grateful, subservient, and boobulous genie lounges around in flimsy pyjamas to serve a couple of single astronauts. This was both the plot of the 60’s sitcom and an instant male sexual ideal. While the porn parody doesn’t break any ground, at least we get Shawna Lenee.

Axel Braun is a competent porn director who doesn’t waste time or talent, and his “This Ain’t I Dream of Jeannie XXX,” produced as a work for hire for Hustler (as opposed to his “Batman XXX,” for which Braun wrote the checks) and written by photographer Marc Star, is workmanlike and professional.

But not very inspiring. We get the idea, yet again, that few of the cast had any knowledge of the original show, and some of the sex scenes are shoehorned in a way that seems sleepwalked.

Jeannie (Lenee) is bored as a kept woman whose sexual needs aren’t met by her “Master,” played by Dale DaBone. When a couple of hot bisexuals move in next door, Jeannie orchestrates some long-simmering relief.

As Jeannie, Shawna Lenee looks great in the costume and does the best she can with the lines she’s given. While there is a pervasive laugh track, Braun and Co. could have done a lot more (ot at least some) to telegraph her lustful feelings for DaBone. As it is, she just pouts a little and looks elsewhere.

The best character in the movie is Alec Knight as Major Healy. Played by Bill Daily in the original, Knight nevertheless does a flawless Paul Lynde impression. Why? There was nothing else to do. Or maybe he thought it was “Bewitched.” Oh my God. I bet that’s just what happened…

It’s sad that more wasn’t done with this movie. They had the costumes and the talent. If producers assumed that no one would care, why do it in the first place?

  • Buy “This Ain’t I Dream of Jeannie XXX” here

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  1. Like I said on Fleshbot – I Dream of Jenna was a fine porn spoof/homage/whatever, and it should have been left at that… but we must never underestimate the porn industry’s savage need to beat a dead horse, and here’s proof.

  2. Would you for Christ’s sake be careful what you say? Do NOT let anyone in the porn industry get the idea that girls beating a dead horse would make a good scene.

  3. LOL – well, a couple years back, there was this big stink about some pornster masturbating or something over a fresh kill. It was some kind of porn and hunting website. Rule 34, my friend.

  4. I believe there was at leat one other I Dream Of Jeannie, spinoff/takeoff/reinventinf/reconfiguration/redeaux.
    It’s unfortunate that more of the less interesting, less creative,and less worth watching vids aren’t left right on the cutting room floor.
    Too bad porn hasn’t taken that tip from mainstream.
    jus’ sayin.’

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