A Man Needs A “Maid To Order” or: A Tree Grows in Belle Noire

These maids more than compensate for their half-assed attention to detail with their whole asses.

maid10Studio: Zero Tolerance
Director: Mr. POV
Starring: Parker Paige, Selena Rios, Derrick Pierce, Belle Noire, Sasha Delavega, Eve Evans, James Deen

I remember reading in “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” that one way stressed-out working-class mom Katie Nolan forgot her family’s poverty was to waste a pot of coffee now and then, rationalizing that wasting was what rich people did.

I get it, but I like coffee.

Similarly, watching “Maid to Order,” in which beautiful, fleshy Latinas do shitty work in revealing outfits, fully expecting to be fucked by the likes of Derrick Pierce, James Deen, et al, I think, “Yes, but who’s going to clean the house?”

Perhaps that’s just my impoverished upbringing talking. I clean my own damn house, thank you. And if a Mexican woman occasionally comes by, she chooses her own outfit.

As a lover of the spoken word, I appreciate James Deen’s two scenes, first with delightful newcomer Belle Noire, who’s out of Lemon Pledge and offers her ass to get some more, and second with Eve Evans, to whom Deen calls back the Lemon Pledge joke.

But my favorite sex scene was between Derrick Pierce and Selena Rios, Pierce just grabs a handful of Rios’ left cheek, and you can just imagine it feels great.


While I would much rather have these women over for margaritas and “Sabado Gigante” than cleaning my effing house less well than I could, I do understand that it’s not about me.

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Belle Noire, Gram Ponante

· Zero Tolerance

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