A Visit to Mamiru’s Forbidden Vagina

I'm Pretty Sure I Can Tell What That Is
I’m Pretty Sure I Can Tell What That Is

Our grandpappies used to talk about catching a flash of ankle from some society lady, and the eroticism of Things Best Left to the Imagination. In Japan, where vaginas don’t exist, Mosaic Porn is a very graphic tease.

“You can staple a girl’s tits to the wall, or fuck her in every hole with animated tentacles,” says Steve Scott of Third World Media, America’s biggest distributor of Japanese porn, “but you can’t show a vagina without mosaic blurring.”

20130813mosaic_19Since the last time we saw something deliberately pixelated, that technology has improved immensely. The mosaicing on this 4-hour compilation featuring poor, kidnapped Mamiru and her schoolgirl friends is only enough, Scott says, to maintain “plausible denial that it was actually a penis in there.”

In today’s scene, Mamiru is gagged and blindfolded from behind, and wakes up in a vaguely Kubrickian room where her hairy captor slowly undresses her.

This is no winking consensual rape scene. Mamiru does not open her eyes, and her moans are not ones of ecstasy—an American porn trope for women who come around to the idea of rape—but fear and pain. Her captor giggles occasionally. In the end, a stream of sperm dribbles past the mosaic. Her captor then applies a fingertip to her pixelated vagina and it comes back bloody.

This is some dark, submissive stuff made all the more confusing by the need to cover up the hole but not the act.

Do people buy it?

“The mosaic movies are some of our biggest sellers here,” says Scott, “and of course we need to mosaic the American girls when we sell our DVDs over there.”

The difference is that Japanese AV Girls, as they are called, know about the mosaicing beforehand and act accordingly, which makes for a very different viewing experience.

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