Our Founder

Our Founder

Gram Ponante is read by hundreds of thousands of well-meaning, money-spending, educated-by-life people every day who click into his signature adult industry commentaries on sites including Fleshbot, the world’s #1 sex culture page, and Gamelink’s Naked Truth, the premiere source for adult DVDs and VOD, as well as this site, Porn Valley Observed (launched January 2005), which hosts thousands of unique and returning visitors per day.

(At least the above was true in 2015. Let us consider it a quaint time capsule today, like watching “Punky Brewster.”)

Porn Valley Observed is the portal to Gram’s other online work, and contains thousands of articles, interviews, and in-person accounts of the adult industry’s biggest stories. But let’s be frank, people: Porn Valley Observed also contains an abundance of nudity, and that’s why you want to advertise here.

Gram Ponante has been featured in dozens of adult and “mainstream” publications around the world, in addition to appearances on Showtime, HBO, G4TV, and National Public Radio, where his hilarious and refreshingly undamaged views on the San Fernando Valley’s most precious resource make for great entertainment. You can also see him “behind the scenes” of many of your favorite porn DVDs.

Advertising with Gram Ponante guarantees exposure to adult industry insiders as well as the much more important industry outsiders, who actually buy this swill. Contact gramponante [at] gmail for more info.

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  1. Hey G,

    Just testing this interface to be sure it works after the import. I might know some people that actually might advertise, though, so if you want to send me your rate sheet, I’ll pass it along.



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