Aiden Starr: Post-Legal Performance Artist

I was watching Hustler’s recent “Barely Legal: Jungle Fever 3,” as is my right as an American, when I happened upon Aiden Starr.

“Now wait a minute,” I said. “It was three years ago I shot very naked pictures of Aiden Starr at Gram Ponante Towers, Helipad, Apothecary, Minaret, Stables, Velodrome, and Autoclave; how is it possible that she’s just barely legal now? What kind of dream factory is Porn, anyway?

Well, Readers, I can assure you that Ms. Starr has been legal all the time I’ve known her, but has the power of looking like she just blew out the candles on her right to vote.

Furthermore, the very adult relationship I have with Ms. Starr, as evidenced by our Hepburn/Tracy banter in the video below, is a testimony to her ability to act convincingly like a sexually precocious 18-year-old, even putting her fingernail in her mouth and biting it nervously.

The acidic but frothy badinage of our quick interview as Hall and Oates played nearby stands in sharp relief to Starr’s “Barely Legal” performance, and only shows what a great actress inhabits her 58″ frame.

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  1. “…porn has nothing to do with God.” – Gram
    “Thank God!” – Gram, moments later, at the revelation that Ms. Star’s porn website is updated constantly.
    See, Gram, even you know better. God is a chick, and She digs porn, hence doth thy cup overfloweth. Verily.

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