All we want is what’s beyond Roller Dollz

In April of this year I traveled to a place called Glendale on the very edge of Los Angeles, just past Thunderdome on the way to Oblivion. East of Glendale, Southern California musters up a last bit of courage and becomes Pasadena, which acts as sort of a “Glendale? What was I thinking?” but then the whole state seems to pass out from exhaustion. After Pasadena, there’s really no reason to stop driving until St. Louis.

Anyway, it was in those Glendabulous conditions that I witnessed the filming of RollerDollz which, even though it’s an Adam & Eve film, is probably the greatest Sunny Lane movie ever made.

I just looked at the pictures I took on set, however, and had to throw away most of them. I apologize. There are some good shots with Kayden Kross and some luchadores and a great Ava Rose ad for the snack counter, but most are blurry. It must have been the zombies (as you are doubtless aware, Glendale has the highest zombie population in the world).

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  1. Just north of Pasadena is Altadena, which is my hometown.

    I have no point to this – just thought I’d throw it out there.

  2. Wait a minute – Christopher? All your witty comments over the past few months have left me wondering and now that you’ve named your location I know it’s true: you’re really Max Hardcore.

  3. Who is Jenna James? A Lovecraftian hybrid of Jenna Jameson and Jennifer James? I foresee villagers and torches.

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