Amy Fisher: "I always wawnted to be a pawn staw"

Regardless of whether celebrity sex tapes are any good – and the ones I’ve seen are not – they sell huge.

I was dismayed to learn that the Kim Kardashian video is the most rented tape in many Los Angeles stores. I would like to think that, once consumers reach the five minute mark and realize that nothing is happening, they go back and get the Anabolic or Red Light District movies that are routinely number two. You know, that actually have sex in them.

“Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher, now 31, has taken 15 years to succumb to the inevitable and 1 Night in Paris distributor Red Light District has snagged the filmic documentation thereof. An actual viewing of the movie will determine if, like Kardashian, Fisher’s is an empty sex tape, too.

Fisher made the movie, now called Amy Fisher Caught on Tape, with her husband, Lou Bellera, and red herring hype indicates that Fisher didn’t give Bellera permission, etc., and that she is suing Red Light, etc. This is standard procedure for sex tapes.

But Fisher looks good; her prison regimen paid off. And her accent can peel paint. Here’s hoping she doesn’t give blowjobs with her voice.

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