Anjanette Astoria should just ask nicely

I appreciate many things about Anjanette Astoria’s “Cougar on the Prowl.” For one thing, the title suggests Ms. Astoria will stop at nothing to get her needs met, and it’s true.

She sexually harasses her butler, Sean Michaels (the way he was dressed, at first I thought this would be the first Nation of Islam porn to hit the market), she verbally abuses an employee, and at no point does she approach her sexual endeavors, be they with a baseball bat or with Amber Chase, with anything but determined malice.

Studio: Notorious
Starring: Anjanette Astoria, Kira Silver, Sean Michaels, Kaydence Skye, Amber Chase

One would get the mistaken impression from this video that Astoria is a bitch in real life.

But who would buy a movie called “Docile Cougars”?

“Cougar on the Prowl” is a great example of how you don’t need a big studio to make a good movie. Astoria, who makes part of her living as a stripper at clubs like City Limits in the Sacramento suburb of Auburn, and her husband produced this film, which stars just as many famous names as unknown ones.

For example, one of my favorite scenes involves just-past-jailbait Kaydence Skye, who plays a character that is dumb as a box of rocks.

As she talks with her soldier boyfriend on the phone, she lazily licks an ice cream cone through her braces.

“You’re still in Iraq, right?” she says. “I wish you could come home, but it’s for a good cause.”

You’re still in Iraq, right?

In a movie that plays with the narrative in a very interesting way, Astoria finds the videpo Skye makes for her boyfriend and masturbates to it (with a baseball bat). Skye, perhaps anticipating the horrors of way, rouges herself with strawberry jelly.

But it just goes to show you that porn performers are artists, first and foremost; actors who are playing roles. Perhaps Skye doesn;t really believe we are in Iraq legitimately, perhaps she would prefer blueberry jelly to smear herself with at home, perhaps Astoria, when in the mood to masturbate with sporting equipment, would choose a jai alai stick if she had her druthers.

Either way, “Cougar on the Prowl” is a fun movie, even if you know that Astoria could have you at Hello.

Buy “Cougar on the Prowl” here

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9 thoughts on “Anjanette Astoria should just ask nicely

  1. awww thank u gram for the nice article!! actually do like those baseball bats ones in a while amongst other things. lol

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting this lady in action.
    She is SMOKING HOT!!! LOVES what she does and it shows.
    And as an added plus, she is a dear friend. A sweet lady.

  3. I was just up in Auburn and Gold Country this past weekend–between all the wine-tasting and antiquing I couldn’t convince my wife to stop off at City Limits, but perhaps next time, assuming additional baseball bats will be provided.

  4. She and Kaydence were great in this film. Wasn’t the standard boring porn story…and talk about the quality!

  5. Anjanette

    one of the most kindest persons in the Industrie !!!


    Hope to see her in action for still a long time

  6. Anjanette
    One of the most kindest and sweetest persons in the industie

    We EUROPEANS adore her

    hope to see more of this SEXY COUGAR for a loooooong time !!

  7. I had the privilege of shooting & working with Anjanette last month for Madness Pictures. In 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating Vol. 16 she took on and conquered the “Great American Challenge”, then used a giant butt plug at the same time. I was a very lucky man, and got help “warm up” her amazing ass. She did another amazing scene for 13 Cum Hungry Cocksuckers #11. Anjanette goes above and beyond for her scenes, and I highly recommend her to any director looking for a fucking hot MILF.

  8. Even though I’ve been in the adult business in some capacity now for over 30 years every once in a while comes along a performer that gets my attention and Anjanette held my attention from the get go!! I give her 10 “shwings”!

  9. We love Anjanette and we know she’s a sweetie in real life 😀 She’s taking the reigns again in a new movie cast from her friends on xPeeps and we’re super excited to see how it turns out! 😀

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