Another Flashing Chance At Bliss: “Prom Night Virgins” Ask “Will It Hurt?”

Four female friends, each over 18, Thank God, make a pact to lose their virginity on prom night. They rent a limo and invite their boyfriends, whose median age is 26.

PromNightVirgins12Studio: Smash Pictures
Director: Jim Powers
Starring: Cali Carter, James Deen, Belle Noire, Tyler Nixon, Kennedy Leigh, Xander Corvus, Elaina Raye, Brad Remington, Jasmine Gomez, Alec Knight, Alana Evans

Perhaps “Prom Night Virgins” was released this month—as the nation goes back to school—to recall a simpler time before the tragic summer of 2013 ever happened.

We’re talking, of course, about the May 20 death of Doors co-founder Ray Manzarek, whose ghost haunts this film, even if none of the cast mentions his name. Manzarek died two days after production wrapped on this movie, so the hopefulness in Cali Carter’s eyes reflects a world with Ray Manzarek in it.

Still, perhaps sensing that will soon change, Carter is pensive.

“What if it (the sexual act) hurts?” she asks, though she already sports a prominent ring in her nose. Now nose rings: they hurt.

But not as much as Manzarek’s nigh-interminable organ solo in “Light My Fire.” The anticipation of boyfriend James Deen’s penetration, Carter implies, validates the argument that she’d be a liar if she didn’t think she could get much higher.

Ray Manzarek: February 12, 1939—May 20, 2013
Ray Manzarek: February 12, 1939—May 20, 2013

What’s interesting about this film is how big a production it is. There’s numerous parents, including Alana Evans and Alec Knight, as well as four sets of couples, prom dresses, tuxedos, and a limo. Smash Pictures spent a lot on this one. Might they have even broken on through to the other side of a $30,000 budget?


Could be. Another interesting thing is that the male talent—in particular Deen and Xander Corvus—are more well-known and well-groomed than the female talent. Cali Carter (who reminds me of similarly blonde and juicy former Shane’s World star Calli Cox), the lovely Belle Noire, Kennedy Leigh, Elaina Reye (whose tryst with Brad Remington wins the Interesting Hair award), and Jasmine Gomez look less model-y than many of their contemporaries, and so it is believable that they’d engage in a breaking virginity pact rather than, say, do something more productive.

Though they are virgins, that does not mean each of the prom girls is sexually inexperienced. Moreover they all look like such accessibly dirty California girls, Carter in particular. Where was Carter on my prom night? If you say “in utero” I’m unfriending you.

They have done everything but, and Prom Night represents that arbitrary time when they allow the Blessed Event to happen.


I have always found this “everything but” concept confusing, whether it is suggested by a no-penetration-but-everything-else teen or Bill Clinton. Intimacy is not achieved with penetration; it can be gained and just as easily lost by a simple kiss. So the actual sex these couples have is anticlimactic, especially since they perform it like porn stars. Sorry, Belle Noire, no matter how nice you are to look at, I don’t think you were a virgin.

That is not to say that there weren’t elements of this movie that seemed real. Alana Evans as a doting, tattooed mom, perhaps a little inappropriately living vicariously through her daughter, and the sad case of Jasmine Gomez’s date getting too drunk to fuck, so she settles for swingin’ dad (not her dad) Alec Knight. That seemed very California to me.

These girls, like Crystal Ships, were being prepared for graduation and the rest of their lives. Was Prom Night worth it? After performing every other sex act except penetration, was the removal of that final barrier all that they’d hoped for, or all that different?

There are a million ways to spend your time.

All in all “Prom Night Virgins” is one of those think-pieces that gives us something to ponder, and something to rest easy about. The girls don’t require proof, for example, like Blood on the Sheets—the Town of Encino. I like how they trust each other that it really happened.

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