Asa Akira: Top Drop by any other name

I spoke with Asa Akira, the star of “Pure,” at the 2010 Adult Entertainment Extravaganza. Like many, I had been introduced to Akira via David Aaron Clark’s final movie, for which he won a posthumous Best Director award that was equal parts sentimental and deserved.

I miss DAC, and it shows up in weird ways. His old apartment is right around the corner from my office, and the recent storms knocked the power out of the sign at the top of his building, which gave the structure an eerie look I’m sure he would have appreciated. I also kept expecting to see him in Vegas, looking right at home among the undead.

But it was clear why Akira was so good in her role, and we had a conversation detailing how she got into porn (accosted on the street in New York City) and how her early career as a dominatrix helped her understand that “it’s not all about the beating.”

I interviewed Akira at the Evil Angel booth at AEE, but I’m sure Juicy Entertainment will appreciate the free ad I’m providing them, as their booth was right across the aisle (Evil Angel hasn’t quite adopted that Digital Playground method of branding, for better or for worse).

In the video I posted below, you will notice a few things:

1. I begin most sentences with “So” or “And,” affirming that my on-camera interview techniques require divine intervention
2. I ask about “Top Drop” twice because I refuse to believe Akira doesn’t know what I’m talking about
3. Having spent six years in Japan, Akira displays admirable balance, as she is animated and extroverted but declares herself a “loner,” and says that she is a dominatrix by profession but a submissive by nature

Akira feels that the subject matter of “Pure,” romantic obsession, is not too difficult to sort out. Of Sada Abe, the real-life inspiration for her “Pure” character, Akira said, “i think it’s so romantic and understandable for a woman to love a man so much and to kill him.”

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