Athena Pleasures Makes You Remember, Then Forget, That Who Song

If you are my age (23), porn is like a little Proustian cookie; so blank a surface that you end up projecting (from the same Latin root that gave us “ejaculate”) all your own thoughts onto it. Your lifetime piles up, as David Byrne says.

Seeing Athena Pleasures in “Big Girls Are Sexy 3,” I thought of one of the singles from the Who’s “It’s Hard” album. I remember walking through the snow with a Strawberry’s gift certificate to buy it.

I love The Who, but I hate this song. “You got me recquisitioned, blondie!” Shudder.

athena13Luckily, then there’s Athena Pleasures, who is, in fact, a bomb.

At 5’11”, Athena Pleasures is like a journey out of space and time. Not only that, but she holds her own boobs for you.

In the third installment of “Big Girls Are Sexy,” Pleasures works with Jordan Ash, who’s a lucky bastard.

Pleasures has a name like strippers from the 1970s, and her scene with Ash makes us happy that there’s room for women of stature in the porn landscape.

We watch as she plays with her own breasts, because if we had a natural pair like that within easy proximity, we’d play with them, too. We also watch Ash grab a handful of her left cheek and feel sorry for him—you/we/he clearly wants to grab both cheeks and hold on with every hand he’s got, but if he double-fisted, his right hand would get in the way of the camera capturing her breasts bouncing beneath her. Such are the painful choices of a porn dude.


Of course, Pleasures works in plenty of movies that don’t have “Big” in the title (other than in reference to her boobs, which are, in fact, big), and we sigh a little at a world that thinks we must be reminded that “Big Girls Are Sexy,” but we’ll take as many handfuls of Athena Pleasures as we can get.

Also: Don’t get me started on “Eminence Front.”

Buy “Big Girls Are Sexy 3” here

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2 thoughts on “Athena Pleasures Makes You Remember, Then Forget, That Who Song

  1. As someone who doesn’t live in the greater LA area, looking at the cover-girl and the above pictures of Ms. Pleasures, I have to say that while I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment behind the title, it seems to have nothing to do with at least half the female cast. Seeing as how Ms. Pleasures is the only of the four whose height is above-average, we can’t even attempt to justify it based on reinterpreting “big” as “tall.”

    IAFD shows the full female cast as Athena Pleasures, Felicia Clover, Julie Cash, and Lilly Lovely. A quick look at some pictures via freeones confirms that Ms. Lovely and Ms. Pleasures are both more what I’d call “normal,” and that Ms. Cash, while easily well inside PAWG territory, is still not “big” per se.

    Felicia Clover, though, I am familiar with, and she’s delectably plump. 🙂

    So 1 out of 4 ladies qualify. I welcome others’ opinions on the matter.

  2. We’re all zeitgeisted up enough to know the difference between “big” and everything else, yet just about every niche series employs at least one or two women a movie who simply don’t qualify, be they “big” or “hairy,” or doesn’t comply with the fetish, be it feet or handjobs or whatnot. And Milves? Forget about it. The system is broken, Norm.

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