AVN 2010: The Only numbers you can trust


This year’s AVN Expo and Awards were smaller, as everyone predicted, and featured a noticeable consolidation of power for the largest studios. According to Home Entertainment Events, 14 percent more fans showed up this year, and the four percent decrease in attendance by adult industry players gave those fans more breathing room, which is great considering adult fans’ oxygen needs.

I am not euphemizing when I say that the fewer exhibitors this year, in one consolidated hall rather than previous years’ upstairs/downstairs setup, made for a better fan experience.

That said, here are the only numbers you can trust:

Percentage of total interviewees who incorporated “I’m a very sexual person” when talking with me: 22
Number of these people I believe are actually very sexual people: 1
Bankruptcy chapter filed in October by Adult Entertainment Expo grandparent Questex: 11
Rumored amount AVN asked of certain studios to help with the show : $250,000
Rumored amount of studios that coughed up the money: 1
Odds that this information was leaked by a disgruntled soon-to-be-former employee of that studio: 1:1
Hand at which I heard this information: 4th

Height, in feet, of Evan Seinfeld’s new girlfriend: 4
Number of transsexual performers who walked the red carpet: 2
Number of red carpet walkers whom I thought were transsexual: 3
Percentage decrease, since last year, of Stoya appearances: 100

Number of men who asked me who Sophie Dee was: 6
Number of nights I personally watched Belladonna stay late in an autograph line: 2
Number of free meals I got at the Grand Lux Cafe: 1
Number of minutes late was the meal that became free: 90
Hours I slept between Thursday and Sunday: 8
Encounters with James Bartholet: 1

Degree reversal in mentions of Dane Cross this year versus last year: 180
Hours after he took off his glasses that Cross won Best Male Newcomer: 3
Number of awards, barring ties, bestowed by AVN: 126
Percentage of these that agreed with my December Ropey Volley Awards in similar categories: 47

Years in a row in which I’ve heard Manuel Ferrara gently ask a photographer to be “polite”: 3
Number of attendees at this year’s AEE, according to show organizer Home Entertainment Events: 22,000
Percentage increase since last year: 10
Times my toes were run over by a wheelchair: 2
Photos I took of people in bathtubs: 2
Percentage of these people I later photographed eating the same pretzel as Madison Young: 50
Ratio of AVN Awards shows I have attended to the times I have covered the red carpet, in reduced fractions: 1:2
Ratio of cigars smoked by me to the number of times I wanted one, in real numbers: 0:2
In-person nudity I witnessed at AEE-sanctioned events: 0
Number of adult industry professionals I know who decided not to come: 14
Rank of Best New Starlet Kagney Linn Karter’s real name as the Most Appropriate Porn Name Ever: 1
Number of hours AVN’s website was down over AEE week, according to an employee: 12
Likelihood that the guy who built the seven-foot fiberglas penis introduced himself as “Dick”: 1
Number of XBiz employees I saw in the company of Vivid employees: 1
Feelings of bittersweet regret, expressed on a scale of 1 to 100, that Satine Phoenix now has a boyfriend and doesn’t avail herself as a fuck toy at parties anymore, with concessions made that I’m happy that she’s happy: 87
Number of AEEs I have behind me versus the number I think I have left in me: 6:1

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  1. LOL you only thought 3? As a transsexual there were atleast 4 others that had me scratching my head…LOL just kidding. I wanted to introduce myself but you do intimidate me LOL……………..Great coverage and thanks for posting the photo.


  2. Hey my Twitter friend! You should have introduced yourself! You looked pensive despite your bootyliciousness. I’ve been called many things but NEVER intimidating (except by former porn performer Steve Pelekakis/Steve Fitzgerald/Kurt Lockwood). But you lit up the red carpet and I hope to say hello next time.

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