Back to School with “Young Harlots”

Here in Los Angeles, school started weeks ago, and our young scholars are currently sweating through some very expensive air conditioning. Over in London, meanwhile, some “Young Harlots” are suffering the blurred lines of a liberal education system. Seriously. I don’t know how anyone learns to read at all.

gazz19Studio: Harmony
Director: Gazzman
Starring: Samantha Bentley, Valentina Nappi, Kristal Chrystalis, Ava Dalush, Iwia, Marco Banderas, Tony DeSergio

“Girls,” says the headmaster, “I think we have a problem here. All the people in the village think you are sluts.”

You know, this is the problem with a British educational system that adds extraneous Us to things and allows Slytherin to exist despite all the deaths: if you want the townsfolk to stop believing these women are sluts, change the name of the goddamn school to something other than Young Harlots Academy for Girls.

But the headmaster has his work cut out for him, because the teachers are part of the problem. Music instructors Marco Banderas and convince Kristine Crystalis that she must swallow a 2-foot curved acrylic wand to train her voice. When that doesn’t work, she must blow them, and accept both their cocks in her nether holes.

This cures her vocal fry, at least.

After class there is a Sapphic interlude between Ava Dalush and Valentina Nappi on crisp sheets.

Later, as Marco Banderas, who doubles as the Spanish tutor, tries to educate pouty Samantha Bentley in that dusky language, he is mortified to see that she has written “Fuck this!” all over hernotebook.

“‘Fuck this’?” he cries. “Fuck this!”

He then fucks her, and thus becomes eligible for a job at the L.A. Unified School District.

Banderas, with his high-wattage teeth, groinal “I Love Fiona” tattoo, and ultra-hammy presentation, is always fun to watch; he’s among a small amount of male performers who make a scene better without attempting to steal it. An improviser, he knows when to dial it down and when the scene needs a little extra.

Afterward, it just gets nutty, as some wholesome fun between Ava Dalush and a woman named Iwia turns into a 4-way, followed by a climactic 4-man gangbang on the juicy person of Valentina Nappi.

Seriously—no one learns a damn thing, and there seem to be just as many instructors as there are students. Furthermore, only Bentley, Dalush, and professor Tony DeSergio appear to speak English natively.

At least they all passed their “O” levels.

“Young Harlots” come to us via the impish mind of director Gazzman, who really knows how to blend the hardcore sex with a sense of real frivolity.

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