Bobbi Starr: Heart in the clouds, head in the toilet

Bobbi Starr

Bobbi StarrIs it a crush if you want someone to put your head down a toilet while he fucks you? Bobbi Starr refers to it as an infatuation.

“Lorelei (Lee) and I were walking down a hotel hallway in Las Vegas two years ago when I met Rocco Siffredi,” said Starr, who recently helped Siffredi come out of retirement by way of an American Standard Cadet Right Height™ Pressure-Assisted Elongated Toilet. “And my knees melted. Just a little.”

At the time, Starr has just performed a scene with European performer Jazz Duro, who was Siffredi’s friend.

“Jazz said to Rocco, ‘Here’s the girl I was telling you about,”” Starr said. “And Rocco actually said, ‘The music teacher? Can you teach me music?'”

In Starr’s torrid and debauched other life, she is a professional oboeist.

“I just wanted to shake his hand,” Starr said. “There’s some people who just touch you and you know that you want to fuck them. I felt the same way about Princess Donna.”

It is for this reason I never touch Starr. I prefer our relationship to be a Shroedinger’s Box of possibilities, and for her to feel down to her netherest tingly parts that the Cat is alive and well.

Recently Siffredi shot several scenes in Los Angeles for his comeback movie, and Starr was called.

“But I wouldn’t be performing with him,” Starr said. “I’d just be in the movie. I thought, ‘OK, well I’ll at least be in the same room, maybe.”

Bobbi Starr

But Starr’s natural NorCal enthusiasm brought a little bit of magic to the set that day.

“I was in a boy/girl/girl scene with Mark Davis and, after Mark finished, the other girl went away and I was in the room with Rocco,” she said. “And I just wanted to fuck him.”

“On screen or off screen?” I said, making sure not to make physical contact.

“At this point I feel like I can really enjoy sex on screen, too,” Starr said. “There are differences, but not so many. I would enjoy having sex with Rocco camera or no camera.”

So they had sex.

Bobbi Starr“Rocco always does an intro with a little bit of POV BJ if you’re lucky,” Starr said. “He started out with me walking back and forth and then he walked up with the camera and started talking to me about how Jazz told him some things about me. He was being vague. Finally, I figured out what he was referring to and I asked, ‘Oh are you talking about how I tell Jazz all the time that I want you to fuck me?’

(Bobbi Starr seems demure and marmish, but she is not.)

“We did some POV BJ and then he moved onto the next girl” Starr continued. “I ran inside and jumped on top of Jazz and JaySin and hugged Jazz and said, ‘Thank you thank you thank you!’ Mark, the other girl and myself did our scene and then at the end Rocco was supposed to come in and pop on us as well. To my surprise, he walked in and started fucking me. Everyone left the set except for Rocco, myself, and the camera guy. It was incredible! Rocco asked me where my friend went (aka the other girl in the scene) and I said, in a whimpery tone, ‘I don’t know. I think I scared her.'”

I will not bore/titillate you with my own porn star history, but in the period of my life where I sought out and engaged the pornstresses I liked, the results were always great but they still never compared to the non-adult personality interludes I have now.

“So how was it?” I said, feeling less like America’s Beloved Porn Journalist and more like someone clipping Starr’s cuticles at the nail station.

“It was awesome,” she said.

“What will the movie be called?” I said. “When is it coming out?”

“I have no idea,” she said.

(It was “Rocco Ravishes L.A.” and it’s great. Rocco does remember the name of the blonde French girl, but notes that the toilet scene is the one people reference when they say Rocco is “a bad guy.”)

Rocco Ravishes L.A.

But it took a trip to the bathroom for Starr’s star-struckedness to be fully realized.

Siffredi had told her about a scene in which he had fucked a partner while dunking her head in the toilet (“He first did it to some French girl,” Starr said. “He couldn’t remember her name”) and he encouraged Starr to talk about it in the scene because he wanted Toni Ribas to recreate it with her.

“You want that to happen?” Rocco said.

“Yes,” Starr said.

But Siffredi didn’t know Starr wanted him to put her head down the toilet, just that she wanted it done.

“I suspect Rocco had hoped that I would ask him to put my head in the toilet because there was a moment (in the interview) when I felt he alluded to it,” she said.

I’ll add here that now and then I remember how shiny and new certain sexual behaviors seemed and how, when I first encountered them, I might have been less objective than I should have been. I have learned in recent years to focus on the person rather than the behavior, and that has made for better stories, I think.

Bobbi StarrBut, just so you know, I would never have pegged Starr to be the type of person who likes her head down a toilet, no matter who is putting it there. For one thing, I imagine she’s scared that percussive contact with the toilet enamel might impair her ability to handle an oboe reed.

“Breaking my teeth is one of my biggest fears,” Starr said. “This thought passed through my mind the entire time we were working.”

When she had dried herself off from Ribas, Siffredi asked Starr how she liked the scene.

“It was great,” she said, “but I wanted you to put my head down the toilet.”

It was then that Rocco Siffredi understood. He gently took her hand, bent her over, and savagely fucked her while dunking her head in the toilet.

Bobbi StarrIt is so rare that we get exactly what we want. Some of life’s beauty is in the compromises we make, the paths we take around what was once our goal. But Starr got just what she wanted that day.

“Did Rocco whisper endearments to you afterward?” I said.

“He said it would take a tank to destroy me,” she said.

(Images are of Bobbi Starr at Porn Week, at the XBiz 2009 Awards, and at the Surrender of 0 Party between Ava Rose and Mika Tan and being groomed by Aiden Starr [no relation])

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