Bonjour, Homewreckeur! Angell Summers in “Exchange Student 3”

This Ain't The Shining
Charlotte Gainsbourg in “AntiChrist,” Beatrice Dalle in “Betty Blue”; It is hard to resist French women when they have their minds set on something. But will the lovely Angell Summers use her Gallic wiles for good, evil, or Crazy?

Angell Summers in "Exchange Student 3"
Studio: Mile High Media
Director: James Avalon
Starring: Angell Summers, Julia Ann, Lily Labeau, Chad Alva, Evan Stone

Mopey teen Lisa (Lily Labeau) is none-too-enthused that her cash-strapped parents (Julia Ann and Evan Stone) have invited French exchange student Bridgette (Angell Summers) into their home. Will it help if she fucks her host family?

Predatory Bridgette wastes no time inflaming the tissues of Evan Stone and Lisa’s boyfriend (Chad Alva) with her slatternly French ways.

“The next time you make love to Lisa,” she says, “you think of me, OK?”

Can the marriage of Lisa’s parents sustain this temptation, especially with discord superstar Money Issues already in the picture? Will Lisa’s jealousy unravel her relationship? Will her boyfriend heed Bridgette’s siren call to get into some French Strange?

Surpassing the beautiful photography is the title character herself. Angell Summers is lovely to behold, and she even says “Oui” instead of the American Porn Standard “Shit!” or “Fuck!” when she is being mounted atop a bathtub or kitchen table.

Summers is destined for greatness here, as she has a ripeness and vulnerability reminiscent of “Betty Blue”‘s Béatrice Dalle. Let’s just hope she doesn’t go insane like Betty Blue did.

But with all the promise of a great and photogenic cast, we wonder why the movie ends without real consequences or resolution. Evan Stone’s glimpse of the provocative Summers showering suggests the rest of the movie will be as nuanced; instead, each of the established couples has one loving sex scene apiece. Hot as Bridgette is, why stray if you’ve already got a ready-and-willing Julia Ann or Lily Labeau?

And if we’re going to make Lisa’s boyfriend a craven adulterer, why doesn’t he also fuck Julia Ann, his girlfriend’s mom? This is porn, right? Or why don’t Lisa and Bridgette resolve their differences by going at it themselves?

(Probably because that would be two more sex scenes than most porn budgets allow.)

“Exchange Student 3” is as fun to watch as a movie as Angell Summers is alone, but it seems like it could have been even better—tying up some narrative loose ends—with little difficulty.

Worse, actual exchange students will watch this movie and think they can just come here and fuck us and wreck our homes.

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  1. One of my new faves.(Angell Summers)
    Just classically beautiful in that euro-farmers-daughter kinda’ way.

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