Bonnie Rotten: Sometimes girls just want to be destroyed

I think if the “Hellraiser” series of family films had included a gangbang, Bonnie Rotten would have co-starred as the Gangbang Cenobite.

GBBonnie13Studio: Digital Sin
Director: Eddie Powell
Starring: Bonnie Rotten, Condy Starfall, Mick Blue, Jordan Ash, Karlo Karrera, Tony De Sergio, Tommy Pistol, Mark Davis, Ramon Nomar, Michael Vegas

There is something historic-sounding about “The Gang Bang of Bonnie Rotten” as if it is The Second Punic War or The March on Selma. Indeed, the machine-crafted ink sculpture that is Bonnie Rotten takes on four dudes in a room that looks like the soundstage where the Moon Landing was faked in “Capricorn One.”

“This is what I want,” Rotten says. “Demolish me. Do it. Destroy me.”

You don’t doubt that Rotten is ready and willing for this task. She refers to having been gangbanged before, off camera, but looks forward to this one because it’s “guys who know what they’re doing.”

Director Eddie Powell stages the blessed event in a room filled with as many swinging lightbulbs as dicks, and this artificial setting works well with Rotten, who has made her body something both of this world (in that you want to become part of it) and beyond it.


Hers is not a particularly violent porn gangbang, as she appears very happy to be there, and that knowing smirk is very rarely fucked off her face.

As if to provide gangbang contrast, the softer Cindy Starfall shows up for her own 4-dude gangbang in the next scene and fucks on a corduroy couch in a well-lit room.

Can I get away with calling Starfall’s scene more wholesome? It is.

If you like variety in your gangbangs without a sense that something has gone terribly wrong in any of the lives of the participants, “The Gang Bang of Bonnie Rotten” is a great movie to own.

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