A Porn Valley Odyssey: Making “The Facts of Life XXX”

“Highly entertaining…near-perfect…anyone interested in porn should read [this] book.“—Don Houston,

I learned a lot about Porn Valley in this book…buy [it] yourself and laugh your f-ing ass off.”—Jamye Waxman

From A Porn Valley Odyssey: Making “The Facts of Life XXX”

I didn’t have the budget for anal, but that didn’t stop me from directing The Greatest Porn Movie Ever Made.

In November, 2010, I learned a new skill. Nestled under the descent pattern of Van Nuys Regional Airport in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles (hereafter known as Porn Valley), sits a little studio in which I directed my first pornographic movie.

I worked within a rigid and exacting process codified and maintained by an establishment every bit as entrenched and exclusive as its nearest counterpart over the hill in Hollywood.

I had followed Porn Valley’s rules, and produced a Thing of Beauty; a pornic adaptation of the 1980’s sitcom “The Facts of Life.”

But Dear God, mine would improve on the original: unlike the source material, “Facts of Life XXX” would end with the girl-on-girl Natalie/Tootie bang that audiences have craved for nearly 30 years, rather than the whimper that was Cloris Leachman.

This is the story of the making of that movie.

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