Boxcover of the Week: Anointing Baby Cakes

There’s a lot going on here on the cover of Sean Michaels’ “Evil Cuckold 3.” What sound do you think his penis made a moment later when it touched down on Baby Cakes’ forehead? I’m thinking DOOT!

Much as I admire the work of Mr. Micahaels, however, I feel like I would be neglecting my ombudsman duties if I didn’t reiterate that the cuckold is the guy whose wife fucks around on him; not, as this picture suggests, Mr. Michaels himself, who evilly makes the cuckolded watch, so shamefaced that he must wear sunglasses and imitate Macauley Culkin.

I wouldn’t presume to Photoshop a “Home Alone” era Culkin in between Michaels’ undershaft and Baby Cakes’ nose and philtrum just to make a point, but you could (unless you’re Pete Townshend or Gary Glitter).

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