Boxcover of the Week: Spelling at it’s not so greatest

Its an abomination

I have seen Hustler’s “Busty Beauties: Top Shelf Titties” and I think it’s a winner, but Damn: If I didn’t get it for free, the whole Student Loan infrastructure would turn over in its grave if I shelled out cash for pornography with a spelling error on it.

The lovely and jugtastic Tristyn Kennedy graces a boxcover that would make my high school English teacher weep—doubly so if she knew I was watching it.

And while I celebrate the existence of anyone named Helly Mae Hellfire, I can’t condone spelling errors on boxcovers, unless each one of these women (Mia Lelani, Bridgette B., and Brandy Aniston among them) come over here and smack that superior taste out of my mouth with their gazongas.

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  1. I guarantee that many performers wouldn’t even blink an eye about that – some of the Tweets I’ve seen make me weep in my Wheaties.

  2. I’m afraid I would pick it up, mock it for a bit, and then put it back and walk away. I refuse to buy porn with glaringly obvious grammatical errors on it, no matter how nice the titties are.

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