Breasts together, legs apart, with Erika, Erika, Erika Heart

Once upon a time, all you needed to see was the suggestion of a female-identified curve, whether it was buried in some underbrush, stuffed into a locker, or traveling toward you with a ruler in its fist, ready to yardsticking you into right-handedness. But now your discerning tastes require presentation.

Do you think strippers came up with the idea of slapping their own asses? No, you did that. For whose benefit did women first don high heels? First bite their fingers? First simulate choking on your cock? Not for theirs, pal.

So we appreciate the little gestures, such as Erika Heart’s squeezing her breasts together with her biceps while spreading her legs, making each discrete body part that much more pronounced.

Thanks, Erika. Thanks.

It’s strange, though, that the 21-year-old Ms. Heart’s stance in her cushion-covered Inland Empire room prevents easy entry at just the time that entry is most desired. What kind of mixed message is this?

In this way Erika Heart is like those plastic models of food on display at Japanese restaurants.

I eat them anyway, but it is only because I am part goat.

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