California Adventure: “Oasis”

O the places you’ll go

“Oasis” is a film for couples who have access to a dune buggy, and a great advertisement for both the beauty of the California desert and Anissa Kate.

In Death Valley, lovely women frolic on sensual furniture. We wonder: Who took the rest of their stuff? Should they worry about sand worms? Is California Adventure angry that Anissa Kate stole its O to fuck on? Will Stevie Nicks return for her wind machine?

But then we think: If they’re happy, we’re happy.

Anissa Kate adorns “Oasis”

Studio: Adult Source Media
Director: J & W Crawford
Starring: Anissa Kate, Melody Jordan, Christie Stevens, Tasha Reign, Ryan Driller, Derrick Pierce, Karlo Karrera, Giovanni Francesco

Couples’ films come in many packages, and my views on the genre, to borrow a line from Barack Obama, are “evolving.” Are they simply movies that give men plausible deniability to encourage their girlfriends to watch porn with them (“Come on baby; they’re looking at each other and stuff”)? Are women more likely to respond to “softer” material, even if, like most straight porn, someone still ends up ejaculating on someone else’s face? Is there a type of woman that other women would respond to better?

The boxcover of “Oasis,” part of Adult Source Media’s “Intimate Encounters” series, features the French Anissa Kate, who is absolutely stunning. Playing against the standard issue cookie cutter mean girl prevalent in porn bodies today, Kate might just be the elusive woman that both compels men and makes women give up their grudges (she’s the female equivalent to men like Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes, who seem so appreciative of their female partners that guys say, “Good for you, buddy”).

“Anissa Kate is the best-kept secret in porn,” says ASM sales manager John Amatucci. “We see a lot of girls here, and she just made me fluttery.”

“Oasis” was filmed by husband and wife team J & W Crawford, who regularly travel to the Death Valley area to race bikes.

I asked Mrs. Crawford (the W is for “Wife”) what it was like to direct as a married couple.

“We live together, work together, travel together, parent together, (and) race together,” she says, “so we are quite matter-of-fact with each other. We’re also very flirtatious with each other. It’s what works for us. We like to have a lot of fun. So after shooting we had fun on the bikes and riding in the desert.”

Crawford says “Oasis,” shot over four days this September, was filmed at sunrise and sunset to avoid the worst of the heat—and perhaps to avoid other desert racers, whose tire tracks can be seen in the background along with the mountains and desert vegetation.

“All of the talent, through the wind and heat and climbing to get to the locations,” she says, “did whatever it took to make this such a beautiful movie.”

The movie begins with Tasha Reign, who is both long-limbed and soft. She climbs onto a couch that looks like labia mated with a Bass Clef (“each piece of furniture costs about as much as a car,” notes Amatucci) and waits for Ryan Driller to emerge from the desert and fuck her out of her mesh bodysuit. It’s like the Song of Solomon if Solomon were wearing sunglasses.

Next comes Derrick Pierce and Melody Jordan. I don’t know Melody Jordan, but if she were my bartender I would die of cirrhosis in, I’m thinking, about three weeks. It must be the red hair. As in every scene, the couple takes the time to look at each other, and this is particularly why Pierce is in demand by discerning female talent: he’s got a dick but he’s not a dick. And what an interesting life that guy has had; I’ve seen him fuck in a coffin.

In her lacy underthings, Jordan looks like the bridesmaid who makes you forget to object to the wedding.

“Oasis” does not have a lot of extra material (I would have liked some behind the scenes footage of the cast climbing the dunes or heading out to the set a la “Jesus Christ Superstar”), but there is an interesting “Deleted Pop Shot” scene between Pierce and Jordan that didn’t match the image quality of the rest of the movie. It’s true that the scene wouldn’t match, but Jordan looks a little less immortal in the scene, which makes her that much more charming.

When Kate shows up, letting her frilly garments blow through a big padded “O” (prior to the debut of Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure, the park had a big CALIFORNIA sculpture in its forecourt. Seeing Kate in the O would have sold a lot of Annual Passes that day), it’s clear why she is featured on the cover.

I wonder if Kate’s curviness and age (the IAFD reports that she is an ancient 25 years old, and I think being old enough to rent a car is also a good indicator of sexual maturity) might make her go down easier with women, too. Kate is joined by Karlo Karrera who, if Kate doesn’t sell the women, would.

“Oasis” ends with the pneumatic Christie Stevens and Giovanni Francesco fucking under a very Bible-y tree in a non-Bible-y way.

Throughout the movie I felt various tugs on my suspension of disbelief. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is difficult to fuck in the desert, no matter how comfortable your ridiculous-looking furniture turns out to be. And you will also want to call OSHA when you notice that, even in the desert, only the men get to wear comfortable shoes.

Yet “Oasis” is a couples’ movie that works: there’s a diversity of porn bodies and, I think, a freedom of performance that can only be accomplished by being miles from anywhere.

Does “Oasis” make me want to cart some Ikea Poangs to the sandlots outside Desert Hot Springs to fuck in the glow of the Morongo Casino? No, but the movie is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality; and you’ll totally want to put your camel to bed in Anissa Kate.

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