Casting Call: Romona sought for probing, suppression

Rarely are you allowed inside the dream factory that is the adult industry. Only I provide you this service. Only I can pull back the curtain to reveal the throbbing brain trust that gives life to your masturbatory fantasies, and other mixed metaphors.

Vien Savio, ace production manager on several Adam & Eve movies, is directing his first movie for the company, Shades of Romona, and needs someone to play the title character, Shades. No, I’m kidding. The title character is named Romona.

Savio sent the following plot description. Do you see yourself interpreting this role? If so, contact Vien – the adult industry’s only living Southeast Asian director – at surdalis (at)


The setting is a futuristic metropolis, circa 2028. Romona
is a famous film actress, whose career is in jeopardy
from a looming sex tape scandal involving a predatory stud.

Paparazzi are hounding Romona outside her door, waiting to
photograph her every mistake. At one time very outgoing, Romona has now
become reclusive, eventually developing a multiple personality
disorder. She seeks help from a new age Doctor (Zak). The
Doctor has created a machine that can cure all forms of personality
disorder through erotic brainwave stimulation. The Doctor uses the
machine to get inside the patient’s mind and have sex with each
individual personality as a form of radical therapy.

To start the therapy, the intern plugs the Doctor and Romona into the
machine. The first of the three personalities, Zophina & Staza (the Love Twins),
are time travelers from a parallel universe. They come to
Earth to seek man’s creation. Unfortunately, they are only able to find
man’s desire. They fuck him anyway.

The second personality is a leader of a revolution (Sasha Grey) who is fighting to
overthrow the government. The president (Tony DeSergio) gladly tests
her revolutionary fervor. The last personality, Alice (Alexandra), is
a direct reflection of Romona’s personality after the sex tape scandal.

Alice has always been bound and trapped by herself in a white room,
emblematic of Romona’s repression. Eventually, Alice is able to wriggle
out of her restraints and she celebrates her freedom by
masturbating. The Doctor’s treatment has been a success and Romona’s
personalities have been permanently suppressed. She thanks the Doctor,
and suddenly Romona has an uncontrollable urge to give the doctor what he
wanted all along. The intern (Mandy Morbid) joins in.

I know what you’re thinking. “Grams, this is pretty lowbrow compared with Dirtpipe Milkshakes.” I agree. But the common people have to jerk off, too. Else how will we keep them from having children?

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