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Noname Jane becomes dessert, Bozzio and Coolio share stage at Exotic Erotic Ball

I am not, like many of my colleagues, a Clinical Sexologist, so I don’t really know the difference between Erotic and Exotic, especially in the context of the Erotic Exotic Expo and Ball (EEB) that will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this weekend in San Francisco. More to the point, since everything I do is erotic, there’s nothing too exotic about it. Regardless, this weekend’s festivities are going to be a blast. Perry Mann founded the Exotic Erotic Ball in

Grey, Obama accept accolades with humility

Sasha Grey will keynote the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo, according to an announcement delivered the same week that Barack Obama was chosen as the winner of 2009’s Nobel Peace Prize. “Sasha Grey is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, and original voices in adult entertainment today,” said AEE spokesperson Sean Devlin of the convention’s first-ever keynote speech, to be delivered in Las Vegas one month after Obama accepts the Nobel Prize in Oslo. Both Grey and Obama were humbled by

Girls And Corpses Night at Club Hell

It’s so important to support the arts in a city that thinks more of a five-and-under on “Three And A Half Men” than it does my recent stage triumph “Gram Ponante Comes on Your Face.” But this Saturday a group of entities is getting together to sponsor Dark Carnival Night at Club Hell on Santa Monica Blvd., including Clown Porn’s Hollie Stevens, seen in the flyer fellating the chicken member of a corpse. I don’t pretend to understand Clown Porn

The Radisson Summit: An embedded report

An informational meeting of adult industry elites was held at Chatsworth’s Radisson Hotel to discuss threats to the Porno-Industrial Complex by California’s Occupational Safety And Health Administration (Cal/OSHA). Chaired by Vivid’s Steve Hirsch, the meeting took place on September 9, timed to coincide with the release of The Beatles Rockband. Despite this, the small room, which cost $300, was not equipped with a microphone. “Coffee and tea cost $45 a gallon,” a Radisson spokesperson said, “and soft drinks were $1.50.”

Free love Saturday night with Victoria Woodhull

Nina Hartley, Carol Queen, and Lamalani, International Ms. Leather 2009, will grace a fundraiser Saturday night for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. This is the first L.A. event for the Washington D.C.-based advocacy group, said spokesman Jim Rea, and he encourages members of the Porno-American community to attend the event and afterparty downtown. I asked Rea how my sexual freedom was being threatened. “Has anybody lost their job because

FSC’s Freedomfest: A night of limited but poignant porn star interaction

Because my relationships with our nation’s finest porn performers are intense and significant, I often attend events and talk with only three or four of them. And David Faustino. The Free Speech Coalition’s Sex, Drinks, Rock’n Roll Freedomfest extravaganza last week at the Whisky a Go Go was a raucous affair that raised $8,000 for an organization that calls itself the adult industry’s trade association. The event, co-sponsored by Sunset Strip neighbor Hustler Hollywood, attracted the likes of Sunny Lane,

Katsuni: Let them eat me

Exotic Dancer magazine sponsors an annual trade show in Las Vegas for the peeling industry. Everyone from stripper pole manufacturers, alcohol vendors, the people who supply lights and the mirrored floors particular to gentlemen’s clubs, and manufacturers for those little chairs the bouncers sit on convene yearly to swap tips. But the highlight of the trade show is the Exotic Dancer Awards on August 25. The nominees for Performer of the Year include France’s own Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Belladonna, and

Noname Jane: The cross and the pentagram

It was a pleasure seeing Noname Jane at Erotica L.A. this weekend. I didn’t notice at the time that she was wearing a pentagram, but that might have been the way Satan wanted it. I first met Noname Jane under a different name (I was then known as Ronnie James Dio) in 2006 at the Erotic Exotic Ball in San Francisco. The event is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year so I was looking at my old daguerrotypes. Here she

Erotica L.A. 2009 is the new 2002

Erotica L.A. seemed packed the two days I attended, and that is an encouraging – though qualified – sign for Porn Valley’s most precious resource. The south hall of the L.A. Convention Center had been floorscaped to smaller dimensions than in previous years, so it was hard to move around. Crowds formed around Belladonna, consumers clotted like the pills on those faux-400-threadcount sheets I bought here last year. Visiting news crews, all hoping to catch someone slipping the name of

Erotica L.A. to focus on fellatio, prostitution, military

Tomorrow begins the 340th annual Erotica LA at the L.A. Convention Center. When Gaspar de Portola (and his men) stood atop the Santa Monica Mountains in 1769 and gazed at Porn Valley to the north, they were surely thinking about Tera Patrick’s annual pilgrimage from Van Nuys to what would become Figueroa Blvd. Erotica LA is the most civilized and brightly lit of L.A.’s adult conventions, and this year features appearances by more than 50 porn personalities, including the rosters

The Deep end of the gangbang

By the end of the year, Sabrina Deep estimates she will have been unloaded upon by 2,000 men in 20 cities. And she doesn’t mean they will have told her their problems. Nope, those 2,000 Sabrina Deep fans will come on her face, hair, neck, chest, ears, eyebrows, eyes, forehead and, more likely than not, miss her entirely and come on the rug. (“In Italy we say ‘Sbrodo!’” Deep said.) Her 2009 World Bukkake Tour, which began in Milan on

Making money at the 2009 XBiz Summer Forum

In the adult world, it is easy to equate “sedate” with “failure,” but the relative calm and low turnout to last week’s XBiz Summer Forum in Las Vegas was merely a reflection of doubtful times for the porn biz. In isolated doses, it might have been any adult convention in boom times; there was nudity, drunkenness, suspicion of authority, the gradual breakdown of order, and plenty of wheeling and dealing. “I’m not used to this palpable despair,” said one longtime

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