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MILF, psychoanalysis reject Irish

Sigmund Freud said that psychoanalysis was useless on the Irish, and now an elderly Irish priest can add MILF to the list of things that find the Irish unpalatable. According to the Christian Science Monitor: Father Michael Sinnott had worked in the Philippines for nearly 33 years when six armed gunmen kidnapped him from a gated compound in Pagadian City on Oct. 11. He was released into the custody of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which turned him over

Porn studios vie for Polanski/Geimer reunion video

Roman Polanski, the Oscar-winning director and international fugitive who was arrested on a 31-year-old U.S. warrant in Switzerland this weekend, has not responded to what Porn Valley insiders call a “generous” offer to reteam with Samantha Geimer for an update of their 1977 poolside tryst. Polanski was 44 when he admitted to drugging and performing oral sex, intercourse, and sodomy on Geimer, then 13 and Polanski’s photographic subject for French Vogue, at the home of Jack Nicholson. Geimer, now 44

"One Day at a Time" porn parody finally finds its B story

Next week I am attending the filming of Hustler’s porn parody “This Ain’t Happy Days XXX 2: Fonzie Luvs Pinky.” You ask, “Grams, when will this crazy joyride of diminishing returns flogging a dead horse stop?” (Especially since it was Leather Tuscadero, and not Pinky, who was the exciting one, as everyone knows.) But with 70’s/80’s sitcom star MacKenzie Phillips’ revelation in her book “High On Arrival,” as well as in two interviews this week on “Oprah,” that Phillips’ father,

Spector of porn haunts “I’m Good At Freaky”

At no point in the movie “I’m Good At Freaky,” which premieres Thursday night at the Los Feliz 3, is the title character identified as iconic record producer/convicted murderer Phil Spector. But what about that hair? I talked with “Freaky” director/coproducer Roy Karch, who finished filming the movie in April, just as Spector’s jury pondered evidence that would result in a verdict of murder in the second degree. GP: Would a reasonable person be forgiven for thinking this is a

The Radisson Summit: An embedded report

An informational meeting of adult industry elites was held at Chatsworth’s Radisson Hotel to discuss threats to the Porno-Industrial Complex by California’s Occupational Safety And Health Administration (Cal/OSHA). Chaired by Vivid’s Steve Hirsch, the meeting took place on September 9, timed to coincide with the release of The Beatles Rockband. Despite this, the small room, which cost $300, was not equipped with a microphone. “Coffee and tea cost $45 a gallon,” a Radisson spokesperson said, “and soft drinks were $1.50.”

When condomless porn is illegal or: If You Like Pina Coladas

Like in “The Godfather,” when Clemenza says to Michael that every five, ten years there needs to be a war to clean out the bad blood, now and then the call for condoms and external regulation of the porn industry reaches a shrill crescendo. If we weren’t such calm, buttoned down people, some of us might become hysterical. Following the recent adult biz HIV scare (casualties: 1) and last week’s 17-count complaint filed with Cal/OSHA and friends, let’s imagine a

Cal/OSHA plaintiffs save adult DVD industry

The solution to the dying adult DVD market? Large-scale purchases for the purpose of registering complaints. Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) yesterday filed complaints against 16 porn companies with Cal/OSHA, stating that the adult industry’s “blacklist” of condoms contributes to unsafe workplaces. AHF president Michael Weinstein and his staff collected 58 DVDs from companies like Hustler, Anarchy, All Media Play (“This Ain’t the Partridge Family XXX“), Mayhem, Backend Productions, and Vivid (“Drenched in Cum”) featuring several scenes of condomless

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