Charlotte Stokely should sue

What with all the nuisance lawsuits flying around the adult industry these days, along comes Thays Schiavinato, a dead ringer for Charlotte Stokely (except for the penis). Stokely should so sue.

Transsexual Jerk-offs is a movie from Juicy Entertainment. The very title sounds like something a New York City cab driver might say (judges would also have accepted “Transsexual Jagoff”). It’s a comforting sign that porn is getting more mainstream every day.TM

Joanne Cachapero, with whom I write a monthly review column for the adult trade magazine XBiz Premiere, walked into my office while this movie was on and said, “Who’s the pretty girl?”

“It’s a transsexual, Joanne,” rolling my eyes like a teenager.

“Oh,” she said. “I didn’t see the penis.”

“You never do,” I said. “Until it’s too late.

Transsexual Jerk-offs

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