Coitus: On the set of “The Big Lebowski” porn parody

I will not say that New Sensations keeps getting better at porn parodies, because that would indicate that they are paying me, which they are not (although they are hooking me up with some Canadian pharmaceuticals). But they’ve definitely got a more compelling Liam for their “Big Lebowski” parody.

Only if pornographers had taken a shot at a “Jaws” or “It’s A Wonderful Life” adaptation could I have been more concerned than I was and am about “The Big Lebowski: An XXX Parody.” The Coen Brothers’ original is a beloved movie that is full of pornish tie-ins already: Now Tom Byron as The Dude will carry a storyline involving stolen porn VHS tapes “that really tied his collection together.”

New Sensations director Lee Roy Myers and crew shot the movie in March. I visited the Mission Hills set, a bowling alley standing in for the defunct Hollywood Star Lanes, at midnight.

“We have to get out of here by seven in the morning,” said Byron. “I think there’s league play then.”

“All of us are huge fans, so we feel a lot of anxiety and responsibility,” said Myers, who showed the parody trailer to James Hoosier, who played pot-bellied bowler Liam in the original, at L.A.’s recent Lebowskifest.

“He said he liked it,” Myers said, “but I don’t think his wife will let us send him the movie.”

There is also talk that a certain personal favorite porn star’s boyfriend, who happens to work with the Coen Brothers, showed them the trailer and they liked it.

Anyone reading this outside of Los Angeles County might be unimpressed with these degrees of separation, especially when they read every day how porn and mainstream entertainment are seconds away from becoming the same thing, but when even a D-list celebrity mentions porn in a Twitter message (I’m about six months away from shortening that sentence to “tweets about porn”), sales go up.

Myers and Co. did an admirable job recreating particular scenes, especially The Dude’s dream sequence in which he floats between valkyries’ legs (including Kimberly Kane’s as Maud Lebowski).

“We used a sort of checkered greenscreen for that,” said Myers.

Veteran adult director Roy Karch who, as he will tell you, invented pornography, plays the title role in a bit of inspired casting (see the official trailer below). The Big Lebowski of the parody is also a big-shot pornographer.

But what about what isn’t in the parody?

“We had to cut bits and pieces,” said Myers. “Some because they would not have made sense anyway and some because of the budget.”

Among the missing are the Nihilist trio as well as the character of Jackie Treehorn, who actually played a pornographer in the original and whose subplot tied “The Big Lebowski” to Los Angeles.

“We went back and forth on that one,” said Myers. But since the plot of the parody was about porn, it made sense that Karch be the pornographer.

Byron is a veteran himself, starting in the porn business in 1982. Some of those VHS tapes stolen from The Dude might have had Tom Byron in them.

Both 90’s pornstars Asia Carrera and Jacklyn Lick were in the original, Carrera as Sherry, the woman who just comes over to use the shower in “Logjammin’,” and Lick as one of the women around Jackie Treehorn’s Malibu bonfire.

There are a couple of dead ringers in the “XXX” version. A guy calling himself Peter O’Tool plays John Goodman’s Walter character and the imitation is uncanny.

“I go as Walter to Halloween parties,” said O’Tool, taking photos of naked bowlers.

And Steve Holmes plays the strung out porn dude Karl Hungus. Holmes is one of my favorite performers because he always looks like he’s having a good time.

Then there’s Evan Stone, who plays both The Stranger and Brant.

“They [New Sensations] need to have me in a moustache in as many of their movies as possible,” Stone said.

My main disappointment about the movie concerns the character of Bunny Lebowski, played in the original by Tara Reid.

Not that I don’t think Brianna Blair looks great and probably delivers the blowjob only hinted at in the source material, but I am shocked that Tara Reid didn’t do it herself. I mean, if this picture isn’t porny enough:

  • Reid is not one of the savvy and practiced Escorts Las Vegas [paid link]in this picture, but she has a very porny charm.

“The Big Lebowski: An XXX Parody” is due to be released in late May.

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  1. referencing Karch as inventing pornograophy would mean he admits to being V E R Y, VE R Y O L D. Thf irs to put porn on video tape in ’74, however, is very very truel; making him ever younger, yet still older than most; thank goodness for that. Karch claims it’s due to clean living and a good VHS head cleaner.

  2. Referencng Karch as saying he invented pornography would not only make him V E R Y, V E R Y old; he never said that ’cause it ain’t true. Now, being the first to put porn on videotape in 1974 is indeed true; makig him all the younger, still older than most in the biz currently and thank goodness for that. Karch claims it’s clean living and a good VHS head cleaner.

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