Come see Ashley Blue’s Booty

As you know, The Arts are important (or is important). For that reason we must encourage all forms of it that require moving away from a screen and traveling to another place, perhaps even by public transportation.

Ashley Blue and Dave Naz provide such an opportunity tomorrow when Bluegirl Productions presents Booty! which has something to do with sex, pirates, and asses. Artists of various stripes, including Naz, Steve Diet Goedde, Oriana Small (aka Blue), and about a dozen others will converge on Spring Street’s Infusion Gallery to show pornographic artwork that is made acceptable because it’s Art.

“The gallery is nice,” said Small, “and it’s big.”

There will also be a DJ. What will he be doing? Spinning. I like it when DJs hold one earpiece to their heads and bob to the music with their eyes closed. It is the equivalent of people tenting their fingers at awards shows or how my gang homies shoot their Glocks sideways.

This 18+ show serves drinks to art patrons aged 21 years or older with ID. Tickets are $8 or $6 in pirate or “bootylicious” attire.

A word about the blogs of Dave Naz and Ashley Blue. I try to stay off the Great Wide Web, but when I happen by their sites I always end up feeling better.

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