Creepos at a Roller Rink: Shot by Kern

Photographer Richard Kern called a professional modeling agency and found three models—a Canadian, an Australian, and a Croatian—to accompany him to a roller rink in New Jersey and skate topless.

Vice Magazine interviewer Rocco Castoro then quizzed the models about the differences between porn and fashion, flesh and vulgarity, and the answers were very interesting, revealing that one of the major differences between porn performers and their model counterparts is Creep Tolerance.

20-year-old Alexandra, the Canadian, tells a story of a shoot in Barcelona in which she was creeped out by the photographer. Her agency told her she was overreacting, and she quit the shoot, after which she was dropped by the agency.

This is how a porn performer would react:

“Yay! Barcelona! I like new kinds of spaghetti!”

Similar to porn shoots, though (particularly to the roller rink porn “RollerDollz,” in which Sunny Lane, Ava Rose, and Bree Olson skated naked in Glendale), the Kern “Rollergirls” shoot featured gawking employees who had to be shooed away.

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