Cuckold customer service or: El Negro and the damage done

Now more than ever, adult companies must respond to the demands of a consumer base increasingly tempted by free porn. I talked with Chatsworth Pictures founders and directors Grip and Cram Johnson, the creative team behind such titles as “Cuckold MILFs,” “Mandinka Parties” and, most recently, “Oh No! There’s A Negro in My Mom 4.”

Buenos Dias, Senor Gram,” Grip actually said, as we are both fluent in the language of los conquistadores and because Latino customers are especially vocal in their requests for scenarios for the Johnson brothers to stage.

“I get long letters in Spanish from guys in Guatemala,” Grip said. “Do they deliver the movies on a mule? These guys are very into the idea of ‘El Negro’ making a cuckold out of Dirty Harry or Kyle Stone.”

“They actually use the term ‘El Negro’?” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Johnson said, reading from a customer e-mail. “‘El Negro is playing his music too loud and a girl goes over to tell him to stop it. But she doesn’t come back. She is being fucked by El Negro. Then her mother goes over. And she doesn’t come back.'”

When the Johnsons started the “Cuckold” series a few years ago it was as a result, simply, of cruising chatboards to find a niche that hadn’t been beaten to death by the porn industry. Since then, the cuckold phenomenon has become a minor sensation, trailing parodies and Milves as one of porn’s saving niches.

“But we listen to our customers,” Grip said, “and several said they wanted really black guys.”

Thus, the boxcover of “Oh No! There’s A Negro in My Mom 4” states “Now with blacker Negroes!”

“We need the customers to know that we care about them,” said Grip.

“White people just love to see black people fuck their women,” said Cram.

In “Oh No! There’s A Negro in My Mom 4,” Zoey Holloway plays an indifferent Catherine Keener-like mom to Natasha Nice, who discovers her mother on the couch with Sledge Hammer. Hammer continues fucking her while Holloway explains to Nice that she never loved Nice’s late father.

Out of either race hatred or distraction, Nice finally shouts, “Oh my God would you just stop fucking my mom?”

“So you responded to your fanbase and installed blacker Negroes,” I said, “but have you ever received a request you couldn’t furnish?”

“From that same e-mail,” Grip said, “the guy went on to say that then the brother goes looking for his mom and finds her and his sister with El Negro, and then the brother fucks the sister. Artistically I can appreciate it, but I would soon be in jail with El Negro if we did that.”

I’ll mention here that the hallmark of Chatsworth Pictures is that they are low-budget affairs filmed with tongue firmly in cheek. Porn would not exist without the stereotype of the Asian, the schoolgirl, the MILF, the black man, the beloved porn journalist, and dozens of other exploitable false archetypes.

The Chatsworth guys regularly employ my favorite actor in porn, a guy named Dirty Harry. Harry is in his fifties and is a former L.A. bus driver. He is a great performer because he is utterly fearless.

“I swear he could be another Al Pacino. Impersonator,” said Grip. “He doesn’t care if he’s humiliated. He works hard, he improvises.”

I imagine that a lot of porn performers – and rightly so – are concerned about their image. Dirty Harry doesn’t work as much as Evan Stone or Tommy Gunn, but he probably gets more work than any performer in his decade. His best character is an indignant one prone to rages and further betrayals.

“He needs to get the AVN Unsung Performer award,” Grip said. “Something. He’s great.”

But back to the Negroes.

“Do you ever worry that you’re offending someone?” I said.

“You really have to be committed to the niche,” Grip said. “It’s a huge community. We think we’re doing right by the cuckold universe.”

  • Buy “Oh No! There’s A Negro in My Mom 4” here

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