Cultural learnings of the Abby Winters girls

Abby Winters Girls Ponante

Prior to today I had never heard of Abby Winters or the women in her employ. But when I happened upon several grain-fed, exuberant, barefoot Australian girls frolicing on a rolling expanse of Astroturf, I realized something had been wrong with my life beforehand. Seriously wrong.

I immediately began pumping them for information, as it’s no longer legal to pump them for kangaroos.

Q. Is INXS without Michael Hutchence really INXS?
A. They should be ashamed to call themselves INXS.

Q. What do they call Outback Steakhouse in Australia? “Steakhouse”?
A. I’ve never heard of it.

Q. What have you done with Yahoo Serious?
A. I think he’s in a gutter.

Q. Dirty Deeds…
A. …DONE DIRT CHEAP! We were born knowing those words.

Q. When you all get together in one room, what happens?
A. We roll all over each other.

Q. What is your favorite American expression?
A. “For shizzle.”

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Abby Winters Girls Ponante
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  1. been a member of the site a long time it can be pretty cool, but in reality there is no abbywinters its just a marketing ploy the sites run by an older aussie gentlemen. Still, the girls look great and the site has lots – here’s a link to a blog by a former model and employee of the site her first post has a lot of info about the sites background hxxp://

  2. I used to be a member of abbywinters, too, but what you’ve said and what liandra has said on her blog is some very interesting information, Pesto. I’ve always wondered what Abby looked like, and now to find out she’s a dude is quite shocking! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hopefully, this and many other non-censored USA blogs and Sites will now pick up on the fact that Pornlord Garion Hall is just another liar.
    For over 7 years his “Abby” hoax of creating a “lesbian photographer” and using “her” as a branding and marketing image for his Site has gone unchallenged.
    Even the Wikipedia entry for is constantly censored to prevent the truth from filtering out.
    This con artist, Garion Hall, whose real name is Ainsley Verra, even had the audacity to give his “feminine alter ego” the same birthday as his, being 13 December 1974.
    One of the most deceptive acts he carries out is to post in his Site’s forums as “Abby”; he has been doing this since the site began. Many members obviously believe they are communicating with a woman, who they are lead to think will always put the models’ interests first, so this “feel-good” background is used to encourage membership renewals and loyalty.
    Competing USA sites, such as should also move to expose the truth about “Abbywinters” to a wider audience, as Garion Hall uses his hoax to gain an edge in credibility over other so-called lesbian erotica sites. Also sites obviously run by men, for example, should feel cheated of potential business by Garion’s sneaky scam.
    Additionally, the “man” who pretends to be a “woman” conducts the following further manipulation of his paying membership; he pays his models to post in the AW Forums, mostly via monthly prizes and incentives. So whilst members are encouraged to believe the “Girls” want to interact with them, by the site itself, for the most part, the models have other motives.
    Also, all the models that post are “persuaded” by Garion to include “Abby this” and “Abby that” in their replies to further mislead the paying members. The AW Forums are heavily moderated to prevent undesirable escapes of honesty, from both members and models.
    Maybe Liandra Dahl might shed some more light on why these young women go along with this? Or what other “hold”, financial or otherwise, Garion Hall has over them?
    Finally, the responsibility for the “Abby” hoax must also be shared by Garion’s recently departed former flunky Paul Potiki (Vid Dupe – oops! that “p” should be a “d”). As moderator of the AW Forum, and via his direct communications with the membership, “Vid Dude” was a completely willing “accomplice” in the promotion of Garion’s deception from day one.
    The site now employs female shooting staff, including some former models, but up until 2005 Garion himself took most of the photo sets. On the site he uses “Shot by Abby” to describe these stills, and many members sing the praises of “Abby’s” skill with the camera, unaware that this “pretend woman” has never and, of course, can never hold a camera.
    So the whole thing is rather sad, another blow against the “industry” ever becoming more reputable and widely accepted.
    Tell your friends!

  4. Man, I think alwaysthetruth needs to get laid more often or something. He seems to think everyone is going to be shocked… SHOCKED! to find out there is no Abby. (Do you think anyone’s told him the truth about Santa Claus yet?)

    I’ve been a member of AW for over a year and I couldn’t care less whether a guy or a gal owns it or takes the pix. The site has a never-ending supply of young, very natural Aussie girls of all shapes and sizes, baring it all and always looking like they’re having fun doing it.

    And so what if the girls are being paid to post on the forums — I think its great they have the chance to make a couple of extra dollars since the way the site is set up, most girls only get to do one or two sets a year.

    As far as the owner posting in the forums as Abby: anyone who’s been on the internet for longer than this morning shouldn’t be surprised that people aren’t always who they say they are.

    — Hugh Hefner

  5. Thanks for these entries I agree that it doesn’t matter if there is an Abby Winters or not, but since I was told by the group’s publicist that there is an Abby Winters who is “in the background” (her words), I do have a problem with the deliberate ruse (eonmckai) And I’ll admit that what I like about the Abby Winers girls is not the backtory of the lesbian photographer, etc., just that they look like what the Dove billboards should have looked like. But to women who want a new pornography based on principles not abundant in mainstream porn, the “Abby Winters” hoax must be kind of disappointing.

  6. AlwaysTheTruth is a past disgruntled member of, and is a serial pest, who has a single sad vendetta. He seems to think revealing a “secret” will bring down the establishment. But what he fails to realise is nobody cares; It makes no difference who or what is really behind the name if the content maintains its integrity as promised.

  7. If the lie behind the whole establishment is so insignificant, why not admit the lie? I agree the content is worthwhile, but to attack people who catch you in a lie naturally leads people to suspect that other things are wrong, too.

  8. What difference does it make whether or not there is really an Abby. People don’t go to the site to find out if Abby really exists. They go to get their jollies from looking at beautiful young women – and on this site they see lots of them do things that most men have only fantasised about. Let’s have more, and I have been a member for a year

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