Cum Greed

Studio: VCA Excessive
Director: Martin Del Toro
Cast: Austin Kincaid, Courtney Simpson, Monica Mayhem, Stephanie Trip, Shy Love, Sascha

“Hell has never been hotter,” claims the boxcover of Cum Greed, and that left me to wonder about the immortal souls of the cast. Greed, after all, is one of the seven deadly sins, even if it is greed for cum.

Here’s what Austin Kincaid, et al have in store for them for their cum covetousness, according to the website Deadly Sins:

You’ll be boiled alive in oil. Bear in mind that it’s the finest, most luxurious boiling oil that money can buy, but it’s still boiling.”

The story goes like this: Kincaid is some kind of hypnotist who keeps various starlets in her thrall. They do anything she tells them to do. They are littered around her house, waiting to be woken up and pressed into service.

The first of these sex puppets is former CFO Shy Love, who is led to a double penetration which she accepts willingly. After the loving, Kincaid makes Love and her successors share the cum they have earned. I have never understood hypnotists.

The subsequent scenes increase in heat and participants. The most satisfying moments are when Kincaid wakes up her subjects, each of whom is found sprawled somewhere in the house like a prize in a video game.

Cum Greed is a good example of what a little money can buy, or at least the impression that there was a budget at all can buy. The girls are well lit, the porn house is beautiful, and director Martin Del Toro only wastes a little time coaxing the standard-issue pseudo philosophical porn dialogue out of Kincaid.

“What is darkness without light?” she asks us. “What is sharing without greed?” blah blah blah. Let’s just see the zombies.

Monica Mayhem stands out as the movie’s gigawatt porn star; she takes her pop shot with two spiked heels in her mouth. Rarr.

Though the box promises us someone named Sascha but the movie gives us someone named Sophia, each girl’s performance is hot like fire, whatever her name is, so Cum Greed is not a work of sloth.

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