Cytherea: “When I say ‘Fuck Me,’ I Mean It.”

I recently had the opportunity to spend some quality time in and out of a Vegas hotel room with Cytherea. Actually, by “recently,” I mean January, but it has taken me this long to remove the Crystal Lite from my chromes, as you will see in the video, below.

Joining Cytherea were the great Shayla LaVeaux and the lovely Cheyenne Silver, whom you’ll see in coming weeks.

But for Cytherea, someone you know pretty well already, I wanted to find her drink of choice prior to a squirting scene, and I also wanted to know about the range of reactions she’s received when demonstrating that signature skill.

Because whatever you may say about squirting, or “female ejaculation,” it is a tremendous spectacle. I know this from personal experience, as Cytherea has a few times squirted on my spectacles (she’s my attorney, so it’s OK).

Finally, I wanted Cytherea to address the issue of porn theatre versus what she actually wants from a scene, and I think she expresses herself beautifully here.

[hdplay id=13 ]

Cytherea has a great new website and will also be appearing in Erica McLean’s upcoming masturbation epic “Flying Solo.”

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  1. I know she said in her interview w/ you last July that she was going to take it slow this time, but let her know that her fans are eagerly awaiting new scenes.

    “That’s what the fans…want to see…they want to see whatever…feels good for her.” On behalf of all non-misogynistic porn fans, I would like to agree: show me the girl having a good time, especially when she orgasms. I sometimes become near-violently irate when watching porn and some idiot has committed the unforgivable sin of making an edit right before the girl is about to cum. I don’t care how strange or unattractive the director/editor thinks her sounds and/or face are during that moment, I want to see and hear it, goddess damn it!

    And Cheyenne Silver is returning to porn as well? Fucking sweet. 🙂

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