Dani Daniels: It’s Like She’s Florence Nightingale or Something

Mr. Pete, bedridden in a hospital room, is embarrassed. “I took some of my uncle’s boner pills,” he says to Nurse Dani Daniels, “and now my erection won’t go down.”

Can you imagine?!?

dani11How frustrating it must be for Mr. Pete. We can assume since he’s already in the room that his insurance checked out, and whether he was referred to directly by his Primary Care Physician or got there via the Emergency Room, he has probably repeated the goddamn story two dozen times.

And now here’s some other hospital functionary asking him to explain himself again? We sit with bated breath and hope Nurse Daniels will finally be the one to help out the poor bastard.

“Well, we may need to drain it,” she says.

Well, thank God. Not only does Nurse Daniels toss her clipboard (which she clearly hadn’t read anyway) to the side, but she also wastes no time in attempting to drain that rascal orally. When that fails, she just climbs on top of it like she’s Nurse Jenny Fields and Mr. Pete is Technical Sergeant Garp.

It’s good to know that somewhere out there medical professionals are still allowed to practice their trade and really help people.

I like Dani Daniels and Mr. Pete as performers and, having met them both, like them in this scene because both are thoughtful but not afraid to be self-deprecating and silly. That’s just the type of attitude a scene like this needs.

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Dani Daniels, Mr. Pete, Gram Ponante

Buy “Nurses Takin’ On Big Dicks” here

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