David Aaron Clark: Pool party auteur

Director David Aaron Clark has an excellent stills photographer in Glenn Baren, who snapped this shot on the set of (wait for it) No Man’s Land Asian Edition 7: Mr. Hentai’s Super-Funtime Pool Party, which would win next year’s Longest Title award at AVN were it not for Digital Playground’s Pirates II, for which that award has already been purchased.

“This is, of course, the Cahiers du Cinema shot of me directing. Jean Luc Broken-down-ol’-hentai, as it were,” said Clark. From left to right are Annie Cruz, Destiny, Clark, and Jandi Lin.

I assume there will be no ghostly flashbacks in this movie like there were in the last one; ghosts don’t congregate near pools.

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  1. You may think Glenn Baren’s work is beautiful & classy & sexy just cuz it LOOKS that way, but I have it on good word that he’s “technically deficient.” Also, that you can’t shoot a good wall-to-wall g/g scene unless you’ve got a CRANE, a ten-person crew &, uh … body doubles so that the performers that can’t stand you don’t have to spend excess time in your presence. THAT is the new porn gold standard, my friend!

  2. You’re so right. I think people who need cranes suck. Sometimes I see construction workers and I’m all like, “What is lacking in you that you feel you need to compensate for?”

    We have a great time here at Gram Ponante Towers, Salmon Hatchery, Eight Belles Shrine, Distillery, and Fallout Shelter trying to figure out who our Anonymous commenters are. I hope we can have a pizza party for them at the end of the year.

  3. Eye am the founder of the ANONYMOUSE PR0N BLOG COMMENTAIR UNDERGROUND & either yore 4 me or against the most exciting new youth movement since the Pepsi Generation taught Coca-Cola stockholders how to sing with their mouthz full.

    Also, I know more cool bands than you do. In fact, you probably haven’t even heard of most of them, they (& me!) r so cool cool cool — Like Joel Grey say: “VUNDABAH!!! En hear, liiife ez bee-YOO-ti-FULL!!!!!”

  4. Your close, but she ist the offspring of Ingrid Bergmann. That hot swedish actress who made some great Hitchcock movies.

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