Diamond Foxxx gives a little extra, obviously

I am very fond of porn stars from the South, because South is where I want to go on them. But I nearly popped an aneurysm when the charming Damond Foxxx showed up on the set of “The Golden Girls: An XXX Parody” having both popped corn for the cast and highlighted and bound her script.

“That’s what I thought people did,” said Foxxx.

No, I gently reminded her. They don’t. People in porn lose their scripts after not reading them.

In any case, watch this video to see how the Memphis native comes prepared, and how Ms. Foxxx represents the new breed of porn performer who leaves a set better than when she arrived.

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  1. Your porny witticisms brighten my day. As does the tender bits of Ms. Foxxx.

    I’m genuinely grateful to you both.

    Dan in Mpls.

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