Do you know the way to Sugar Town?

Speaking of Laurel Canyon, director Dave Naz bookends his late-70’s/early 80’s series (the other movie is Circa 82) with Sugar Town. I have a feeling that this picture of Dirty Harry, Veronica Hart, and Whitney Stevens speaks for itself, but just in case, I am inviting you to caption it. The provider of the best caption will receive my copy of Sugar Town, which I reviewed here.

I enjoyed the movie for many reasons, not the least of which was Britney Stevens, but also for this dramatic reenactment of the day I learned I was no longer a suspect in the Wonderland Murders.

See a gallery here.

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  1. Did either one of us win an early xmas present from the Gram Ponante topiary and pension fund?
    By the way I thought I was so clever once when I noticed your name was an anagram of Pomegranate. Then I sobered up and realised there was an extra ‘n’ in your nom de plume. I cried for days.

  2. Australia rises again! Heathb wins

    Though HRE, I am always touched by nods to ancient L.A. history.

    And both you (gentlemen) should be receiving your “Pirates 2” paraphernalia soon. Please let me know you gott it safely. In the meantime, my personal copy of “Sugar Town” is on its walkabout way to the bush.

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