Ejacula: La Vampira

Studio: VCA
Director: Max Bellocchio
Cast: Tonisha Mills, Lynn Lemay, Patricia Kennedy, Caroline Monroe, Lois Ayers, Beatrice Sall, Vivian, Elizabeth, Allesandra, Ron Jeremy, Rocco Siffredi

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You’d think that if a sexy vampiress were to have a choice of where to bite her porn movie victims, it would not be the neck. But you would also not guesss that Ron Jeremy could so completely disappear into and inhabit a role as in his interpretation of a worm-eating hunchback in 1993’s “Ejacula.”

Shot in a castle somewhere in Europe with a German and Italian crew, Ejacula details the exploits Ejacula (Patricia Kennedy) and her consort (Rocco Siffredi) and their faithful hunchback as they have sex parties, chow down on delightful, fleshy Tonisha Mills, and somehow move through the sunlight without burning to a crisp.

The plot doesn’t make too much sense but it also doesn’t get in the way, and Method Man Ron Jeremy acts up a storm.

The real discovery for this smitten viewer is Mills, who suddenly de-Springerized the name “Tonisha” for me.

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