Enter the Adrianaconda

Adrianna Nicole wishes, in retrospect, that she’d chosen a different porn name, but at least she can try on a new one when she’s wrestling.

“If I’d only thought of ‘Adrianaconda’ sooner,” she said.

Visitors to San Francisco (with the exception of school groups and religious zealots) should make a point of stopping by Kink.com’s massive Armory building, built in the early 20th century during a time of nationwide worker unrest and featuring – I’m not kidding – a stream running through its basement for the benefit of a National Guard under siege (hint to disgruntled workers of the future: all you need to do is poop in the water; that’s what my coworkers did at AVN).

Among the Armory’s many charms is an indoor parade ground, dozens of creepy rooms used for water bondage and various flavors of submission with and without straps, and a wrestling ring.

It is there that Nicole, redubbed Adrianaconda, will participate with 15 other wrestlers in the sweaty and pant-astic Ultimate Surrender, fighting against and alongside such bendy and brutal grapplers as Madison “The Butcher” Young, Amber “The Rogue” Rayne, and Ariel X: “The Assassin.”

“If you win, you fuck the loser with a strap-on,” said Nicole, who has made it to this semi-final round in “The Summer of Vengeance.” “My incentive to win early on was I had been in a couple of scenes before my match and I just didn’t want to get fucked again.”

The wrestling starts off in bikinis and things devolve from there. I asked Nicole if she ever felt fear.

“Well, I’m a little bigger than most,” she said. She mentioned Madison Young who, though wily, seemed easy pickings. “I could kick her ass. But her partner is very muscly.”

Next week Ultimate Surrender will film matches before a live audience of Kink.com subscribers on specially-erected bleachers, but the matches will be available on line up to and including the final showdown in August.

Whatever Nicole is doing with her left arm here doesn’t seem like it would be in accordance with FILA standards, but whatever.

Other wrestlers in this season of Ultimate Surrender have included Annie Cruz, Delilah Strong, Bobbi Starr, and Harmony Rose, none of whom seems stoppable by mortal hands.

See a gallery of Ultimate Surrender’s Season 5 here.

I am glad Nicole was not “Adrianaconda” from the start; the name seems to negate her sweet and gentle nature.

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