Fanstalker: Sabrina Deep fucks back

Sex is a multilayered and wonderful thing, and I’m not ashamed to say that there are still things I don’t know about it. For example: Why can’t I stop crying ?

But one thing to keep in mind, Readers, is how essential it is to learn from what you don’t understand. That is why I sought out my long-distance girlfriend, Sabrina Deep, to ask about her fascinating new venture, Fanstalker, in which she and a bevy of predatrices (including Gina Blonde), fuck their fans.

Gram: Can you give me an idea of how you and Gina came up with Fanstalker and, in this safety-conscious (sort-of) time, what do your lucky fans need to do in order to pass your gates?

Sabrina Deep
: Look: people get bored of stuff; with all the free content around, watching Sabrina Deep being fucked, rather than someone else, it does not make a difference towards the goal of getting off; but if the material you’re watching is from your friend Sabrina Deep, if the one who gets fucked is that Gina Blonde who’s looking to meet you in the flesh, who answers your telephone calls, then you become unique and your content does with you. There’s nothing special that our fans must do in order to pass our gates, but desiring it, being healthy and respectful. If you’re a fan of ours, we will kindly “stalk” you and give you a pass sooner than later.

Gram: There was a real cross-section of humanity at your gangbang, and it’s clear that if you weren’t making the sex, as Croatians say, for a living, you’d be doing it anyway. But as you have seen, many porn stars are made visibly awkward by fans at conventions. Why do you think this is, and why do you and Gina embrace the opposite?

Sabrina: Convention is the act of coming together, the state of being together. A dinner at home with friends is a convention; family reunited for Christmas is a convention; a funeral is a convention. Why would you be an ass at such conventions is beyond me. An adult convention is even worse…your fans pay to come and meet you, you pretend to sell them a t-shirt or an autographed picture, you called them “sweety” on Twitter just yesterday and now you act as if they were a freaking post up your butt.

Gram: I know what you’re getting at, but to be clear: you’re the type of person who likes a post up her butt. I need to understand your zeal for for engaging so lustily with strangers.

Sabrina: I don’t know why, Gram…I guess that there’s a talent for shooting porn, but there’s also a talent for relating to people and this is not valid only at conventions Me and Gina embrace the opposite first of all because that’s who we are every day and second of all because we believe that it wouldn’t be nice and consistent to stimulate our fans’ fantasies (that is what porn is all about, right?) and then to let them down when we meet them in the flesh. It’s not only us, though; there are many girls in this industry that are very consistent and kind with their fans; I can think of a couple that I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person such as superstar Ginger Lynn or semi-retired Sasha Knox. Ginger would have a lot to teach to all of us.

Gram: Sasha was a great fluffer at your gangbang; someone who revels at being a “toy” and doesn’t take it personally. But I got the feeling she was exploring porn’s version of monogamy.

Sabrina: Sasha would make a wonderful fanstalker and one of these days…who knows?

Gram: I know when I met you you had talked about tracking down a fan a few days before. How long was this happening anyway before you thought up the idea of really capitalizing on it?

Sabrina: When I first got in this industry and got “baptized” by 77 of my fans for eight hours I was already tracking down my fans.

Gram: Many pornstresses want to travel the contract girl route, which seems more glamorous and inaccessible.

Sabrina: Some people, colleagues, industry adepts—might not like me. They might question my talent and even call me crazy, but nobody can deny that I’ve chased after my fans since day one. I’ve received many discouraging comments at the beginning of my career because I privileged my fans over affiliates, because I spent money to meet them around the world rather than for shooting in full HD or for releasing free content and stuff like that. I’m not happy that many of those people who criticized or made fun of me are today out of the industry or are badly struggling to stay in, but I’m certainly happy that I am still up and running stronger than ever.

Gram: With camsites and wishlists and the like, in addition to the proliferation of porn star escorting, it seems that personalization is the wave of the future, because the studio system can only get you so far.

Sabrina: The idea for Fanstalker, believe it or not, was born four years ago when I started my career. I made a very detailed 5-year business plan and Fanstalker is just part of that plan. The next step will be to have more subjects in this industry following this idea, and this can happen only if the idea will grow more and more successful. Dealing with your fans in a personal and special way is fun, challenging, rewarding and yes: it is also remunerative, making you competitive and independent in this industry. I’d like to see more successful independent girls when I retire and less manipulated and disillusioned ones.

Gram: But aren’t some fans scary? For every thousand people who love you just the right way, aren’t there one or two…?

Sabrina: Fans are the key, in my opinion. Don’t do [porn] if you don’t really like it, and never be afraid of your fans, because they love you if you love them back.

Gram: I knew Gina Blonde from when I worked at Private. She is very popular in Europe.

Sabrina: Gina is very well known in Germany for chasing after her fans, since she retired from mainstream porn; she is one of the most beautiful persons I’ve ever met and she’s now a best friend of mine: it was pretty natural to have her onboard and she will get back the international attention that she deserves very soon.

Gram: How do you respond to allegations that you just stole the idea of Gramstalker?

Sabrina: There is no Gramstalker. You know that as well as I do.

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