Faux-INS Agents Dodge Bullets When Rape Turns Consensual

In “Sexy Citizen,” two men impersonating Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agents hope to score some non-complaining sex from intimidated illegals. But when those illegals turn around and offer sex consensually, do they violate the rights of the faux-INS agents, who wanted to rape them? You decide.

selena16Studio: Digital Playground
Director: Robby D.
Starring: Selena Rose, Manuel Ferrara, Mr. Pete, James Deen, Karlo Karrera, Ava Addams, Paige Turnah, Tristyn Kennedy, Kaiser Sosay

Review by: Gram Ponante

Housekeeper Selena Rose has a secret trick that keeps her from being jittery when the INS comes sniffing around employer Manuel Ferrara’s house: she fucks anyone.

In “Sexy Citizen,” Ferrara plays a clueless but rich landowner who beds various ladies while gentlemen fuck ether his sister or his maid while he’s away. It writes itself!

(Actually, I think it really did write itself.)

You see, buddy Mr. Pete devises a plan to pose as an INS agent and rape Selena when he sees the fear a legitimate INS agent can cause. Donning a clip-on tie and Sharpie’d badge, Mr. Pete (who describes Selena Rose as “hot as shit” but also her homemade tortilla chips as “good as fuck”) is surprised when the patdown/rape of Selena turns consensual.

We watch Selena push a broom around and talk on her phone. She looks like no housekeeper I’ve ever seen. Such tight clothes for such a dusty job. Meanwhile, Ferrara has absolutely no food on his massive kitchen shelves.


Meanwhile, Manuel’s Francophone sister is visiting, and Mr. Pete hips buddy James Deen on the can’t lose INS ruse. Thinking Manuel’s visiting sister is also an illegal alien, Deen is himself surprised when the classy French lady takes so kindly to his impersonating a federal officer.

Readers, I am happy for both of these men that they didn’t actually rape these brunettes.

It is only after Ferrara brings home a blonde that he realizes his housekeeper isn’t that much of an innocent, but by then you’ve watched this movie for almost two hours and learned nothing about why Ferrara has any money.

You might also have noticed by this point that, in the well-worn archetypes of Digital Playground contract girls (let’s see: Jesse Jane is their leader, so she is steely but not afraid to show her girlish side when she lets her hair down; Riley Steele is a sexy airhead; Kayden Kross is a driven businesswoman who has Type A sex; and Stoya is an arch brunette with a taste for pain) that Selena Rose is Jesse Jane and Riley Steele gone Univision.

In a non-sex role, INS Officer Dunlap (Kaiser Sosay) is compelling to watch, and we also wonder what other tricks scientists at the Manwin lab have in store to turn Selena Rose into the Latina Jesse Jane.

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