Fellatio for the Fourth: An Historical Perspective

We know that at one point Thomas Jefferson had to have said to Sally Hemmings, “I’m going to Course of Events all over your face,” to which she would have surely replied, according to the style of the times: “Button Gwinnett the fuck out of me like Francis Lightfoot Lee.”

Then: “Monticello that shit.”

Or not. The National Archives won’t let me visit anymore.

Today let’s consider “Blowjob Bonanza,” in which a bunch of young women service a privileged group of white men.

If you’re like me (23 and ironically into TVLand), then you can’t encounter a title like “Blowjob Bonanza” without thinking about those hard-workin’, hard-fightin’ Cartwright boys on the Ponderosa Ranch. Getting blowjobs.

bonanza11There are many women I know who claim to be “good” at blowjobs, and that is an accomplishment, because the blowjob is the hardest thing to get right; the fellatrix must stay in one place and coax from another person the money shot that Makes Porn Happen.

No Problem, you say? Think about how the dynamic usually works, both on and off screen, where the man uses the woman as a masturbation sleeve, controlling (or not) when he comes. To be “good” at blowjobs, one must not only gain the trust of the fellatee (not to be confused with a manatee, which is great, because one of them is endangered), but also do all the heavy lifting oneself.

To do all that work versus to just lie, writhe, or moan there is also a role reversal, and the 11 women in “Blowjob Bonanza” (working on the silent but appreciative likes of Barrett Blade, director David Lord, and Jack Vegas) all make the transition beautifully, but in their own special style.

Ariella Ferrera makes it happen herself, with lots of eye contact, heavy breathing, and a gentle twisting motion of her thin wrists.

“Isn’t this what we both wanted?” she says.

Diana Doll looks harder and franker, like she’s done this a thousand (or more) times before and needs to be somewhere. BUT SOMETIMES WE ALL JUST NEED TO BE SOMEWHERE.

Casi James kneels on a pillow placed on the hard tile of what appears to be a kitchen floor. It’s important we have pillows stashed around the house for just such opportunities.

Veronica Avluv does a little dance. My favorite of this collection, Avluv makes the blowjob foreplay an event in itself before going to town like a busy traveling circus.

Virginal Lola Foxx keeps checking in with her poolside partner, and at first we don’t think she’s going to be able to pull it (!) off, but when the magic happens, her face is slicked with a sense of accomplishment.

(At least we think that’s a sense of accomplishment slicking there.)

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