Finally, Justice: Vivid’s good name restored after 48 hours

Now and then the porn industry’s name is blackened and sullied, and does anyone do anything about it? No. Until now.

Rocking back and forth in the corner with its sweater sleeves pulled up over its wrists, the porn industry figures that it probably deserved no better. But today one hardworking porn company demanded and received its fair share from the anti-porn media, who would have you believe that everyone in porn has AIDS, is Jewish, is the architect of his own downfall, skims money off its affiliates, and is actually gay.

The Associated Press retracted a factual error about Vivid, and the leading porn company distributed a press release to anyone who might have missed it:


LOS ANGELES — (August 24, 2009) – Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch said today that he was relieved that the Associated Press had distributed a correction to an erroneous story that falsely reported on the leading adult studio’s health safety record.

“The Associated Press is one of the most highly regarded news gathering organizations in the world, but on August 20th the news agency failed to check its facts for a story with the headline ‘Porn Makers Challenged for not Mandating Condoms’ by Shaya Tayefe Mohajer,” Mr. Hirsch said. “Her story incorrectly stated that five performers in Vivid films tested positive for HIV in 2004. This erroneous statement was damaging to our company and demonstrates that you can never be too careful in sex and in journalism. The truth is that throughout 2004 Vivid had a mandatory condom policy and every performer was, and is today, tested before he or she acts in one of our productions. None of our performers had or has HIV. We are pleased that AP sent out a correction on Saturday, August 22nd and only wish they had done so immediately after we called the error to their attention rather than waiting more than 24 hours.”

Mr. Hirsch pointed out that since 2004 performers have acted in several hundred thousand-sex scenes shot by adult studios in the San Fernando Valley and there has only been one reported case of HIV. “It is far more dangerous for a person to have sex with someone they meet casually in a bar than it is for people who act in a carefully policed adult film setting. We are confident that we are taking all precautions and the results to date demonstrate that this is the case,” he said

In other news, Vivid’s newfound fervor to set the record straight has resulted in the company quietly closing its Vivid-Alt division after several profitless years (“We know,” the company collectively said, “we know“) and asking for retractions from AVN for the last several years of five-star reviews.

I kid because I love.

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