“Foot Fetish Sluts” make you wait for the other shoe to drop

or: Summer Cummings toes the ‘gine.

Why do some people fetishize feet? I don’t know. I tend to like everything north of them. That said, Julie Simone’s “Foot Fetish Sluts” features several women who, even if they don’t know what the big deal is about feet, either, at least know that you like them. You Pervert.

Maybe because my own feet evoke Dante’s vision of Hell, or Lovecraft’s realm of the Old Ones, that I don’t care too much about feet. But I do like when a woman takes her shoes off; that sends the signal that something is about to happen (unless it’s a porn girl, and then she takes everything off but her high heels—even to lie down—which I still don’t understand).

Studio: Julie Simone
Director: Julie Simone
Starring: Julie Simone, Paris Kennedy, Skin Diamond, Aiden Starr, Madison Young, Mary Jane Green, Nikki Sebastian, Summer Cummings, Ariel X, Ludella Hahn

There’s also that line “Barefoot girls dancin’ in the moonlight” line from CCR’s “Green River” that always made me think about bayou orgies.

Simone’s “Foot Fetish Sluts,” are all well-versed in fetishes of all kinds, and they know to simply draw your attention to the action areas.

While the foot fetishist comes in all shapes and sizes (of shoe), Simone and her performers tend to think of him as a submissive, detail-oriented man.

“Hey you,” says a never-nude Paris Kennedy to the camera. “I see you looking at my feet…you’re just waiting for this shoe to fall, but you don’t deserve it yet. I’m just barely keeping it on with my cute red toes.”

She describes her stockings, her arches, her ballet-trained calves with a detail other porn performers wouldn’t even reserve for their vaginas or breasts. The point seems to be that, if she took off her panties, the audience wouldn’t know what to do with what lay beneath.

Review continues after gallery:

“There’s nothing like a nice pair of nylons on a pair of freshly pedicured feet,” she continues. “That would be a nice treat for you.”

In addition to saying her audience might not deserve to see her feet, Kennedy suggests something even more terrifying as she waves her foot in front of the camera.

“I’m impressed,” she says. “You have a big mouth. I bet you could take all sorts of things in there.”

When it is a direct-address scene, nothing but shoes come off, and the monologue is vaguely abusive.

“Did you enjoy that?” Nikki Sebastian asks. “The way my feet stink? But the real funk is between my toes.”

Simone herself demands you “fuck (my) perfect arches.”

When it is a tandem or 3-way scene, well-known submissives like Madison Young or Ariel X toe the line.

The scenes in “Foot Fetish Sluts” were shot between 2004 and the present, in New York City and Los Angeles. It’s fun seeing a then-22-year-old Madison Young working on Mary Jane Green (who’s not smoking), or Aiden Starr (who is).

Then there’s the terrifying Summer Cummings, who casually inserts a big toe into a quivering Ariel X.

“Toe the ‘gine,” says Kansas. “Love isn’t always on time.”

This exquisite little collection brings me no closer to understanding why fetishists love feet, but neither would any of us kick these women out of bed. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I may not agree with your obsession with feet, but I will fight to the death for you to legally purchase pornography that satisfies it.”

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