Free love Saturday night with Victoria Woodhull

Nina Hartley, Carol Queen, and Lamalani, International Ms. Leather 2009, will grace a fundraiser Saturday night for the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

This is the first L.A. event for the Washington D.C.-based advocacy group, said spokesman Jim Rea, and he encourages members of the Porno-American community to attend the event and afterparty downtown.

I asked Rea how my sexual freedom was being threatened.

“Has anybody lost their job because they got outed as being kinky in some form or fashion?” Rea said. “Has anybody lost a child custody battle because they have more than one lover? Has anybody been evicted because the landlord found out they were swingers?”

I don’t know – Yes?

“These are just of few of the types of situations where people with diverse sexual interests are discriminated against and often harmed here and around the country,” Rea said.

Hosting the inaugural benefit is Mistress Shae Flanigan, who will open her “Academy” to “exotic dancers, polyamorists, Vanilla People, bisexuals, Leather Workers, Swingers, BDSM devotees, and” – yes – “Lesbians.”

Victoria Woodhull was a free love advocate who ran for president in 1872. She was also thrown in jail for sending obscene material through the U.S. Mail – an account of Brooklyn preacher Henry Ward Beecher’s extramarital affair. By 19th century standards, this was far more riveting (but just as inane) than anything Max Hardcore would be sent to jail for nearly 150 years later.

I’ll be attending this event, probably wearing pants that affirm my sexual freedom.

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