FreitagFoto—Teagan on the stairs

Teagan Presley, August 2008

Teagan Presley, August 2008

It was some rented-out home near Mulholland and UCLA, and I’d been visiting porn sets long enough to know that yes, people did live this way, but I really couldn’t see why it was worth the trouble.

Now you’ve seen how I live. A Costco meat plate perched atop an upended U-Haul box, some napkins left over from Jack in the Box (I’m a saver), a nice tarp pulled over my head…that’s simple living the way God intended.

Meanwhile here I was—here I always was—at these ostentatious houses with fountains and statues, the architectural equivalent of the Chinese tattoo its bearer didn’t understand the meaning of. And walking down the stairs was Teagan Presley on high heels and an outfit that, despite not covering too much, would take a considerable time to come off.

Weeping Angel

Weeping Angel

Moments before Teagan was talking on her phone (this was 2008, so she was actually talking on her phone) while in makeup. She was wearing sweatpants and her shoes were off. Her hair was all over the place. I knew she wouldn’t be into my taking her picture, so I didn’t ask, but she was beautiful.

Clacking down the marble stairs or inserting a dildo on some elegant but rickety-looking chair, well, she looked all right. But it was someone else’s fantasy, not mine.


I mentioned as much to Holly Randall, who was directing the photo shoot that day. “Is this what the public wants?” I asked. “Because she was eating a Carl’s Jr. burger real sexy earlier.”

Randall said that I had a niche mentality.

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  1. If it is decided to produce the Carl’s Jr. picture please make sure she has avocado on the burger or I won’t be able to finish.

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