Fuck Thunderdome: Bonnie Rotten Is “Beyond Fucked”

Several years ago I was sitting next to some clown at a bar during one adult convention or other and he was holding forth about some bullshit, uttering the oft-repeated “If you really want to know about a country, look at its pornography.”

And it’s not as if mosaic porn and tentacle sex don’t say a little something about Japan, or scheiße videos something about Germany, and the very existence of Jesse Jane a certain amount about America. But come on: you can just as easily say that about a country’s public transportation infrastructure, its drinking age, or its Thursday prime-time lineup. If you could really unlock a country’s culture through its pornography, they’d be teaching my “Facts of Life XXX” in schools.

All that said, “Beyond Fucked” says a lot about Tommy Pistol.

beyondfucked45Studio: Smash Pictures
Director: Tommy Pistol
Starring: Bonnie Rotten, Tommy Pistol, Asphyxia Noir, Mark Wood, Annie Cruz, Nikki Hearts, Phoenix Askani, Anthony Rosano

For some the apocalypse looks like “The Road” or maybe “The Walking Dead.” For everyone else, including Tommy Pistol, the survivors of whatever calamity lightens the load of the world all take their fashion and leisure sense from “Mad Max.”

In the not-too-distant future, Rotten tells us, the government cures the obesity problem by creating a drug that will allow people to survive off their own fat, thus slimming down the population. Problem is, the drug makes people ravenous and crazy once their own fat supply is used up. This is the world Rotten enters when her boyfriend (Pistol) is mangled by a Patient Beta zombie.

Six years later and Rotten makes her way through the well-traveled L.A. wasteland, so often a stand-in for the end of the world, even in porn movies like Wicked’s “2040” and Adam & Eve’s “The 8th Day.” She gains admission into a fetish club that allows her to get her weary rocks off and watch some bread and circuses, including a grisly and brave sex scene between zombies Pistol and Annie Cruz.


I should also mention the word tattoos.

Featuring cosmetics work by now-famous Melissa Makeup (she of the “Porn Stars Without Makeup” series), “Beyond Fucked” is a nice spin on zombie creation lore and a way better “Mad Max” sequel than “Beyond Thunderdome.”

Bonnie Rotten, Tommy Pistol, Smash Pictures, Gram Ponante

Buy “Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey” here

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