Gangwife Hotbang But A Dead Moose

hotwife moose

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By now it’s a matter of not having paid attention if you don’t know what hotwifing is, but just in case you’ve been extraordinarily rendered somewhere (come to think of it, hotwifing is big among military families), Hotwifing is not cuckolding — honest! It’s when a nice lady’s husband or partner pimps her out to his buddies or random dudes and then gets the satisfaction of saying, “I made this happen.”

Well, Buddy, you can say whatever you want. It’s like when I hit that moose with my car: Was it premeditated or was it an accident? Either way, that moose is still dead.

In any case, this delightful 2-scene VOD exclusive by Hotwife Porn pioneers New Sensations and directed by the brilliant Eddie Powell features big-eyed, large-mouthed vixens Hope Howell and Britney Amber very quickly acclimating to their husbands’ gangbang arrangement.

I mean really quickly; it’s almost like they’ve been having gangbangs for years before their husbands gave them permission!

My Hotwife's Gangbang

Howell enters a room, sees three other guys in Sullen Porn Douche mode (SPD is merely a stock porn character and by no means a reflection on the individual performers, but you know the look: “I have an erection but I’m not happy to see you”), and needs little reassurance to take the SPDs in whatever holes present themselves.

Maybe this is why all my relationships fail, I’m thinking. If my wife were to say, “Grams, drive to this house and do what they tell you to do,” I’m not sure I’d do it. Yet Amber and Howell—whom I kept thinking of as “Lovey”—were all up in everyone’s business so quickly after a brief adjustment period, assuming the center of the star position in the middle of a bunch of standing dudes, jerking two off with her skinny arms whilst blowing another. It was like falling off a bike and onto four dicks.

my hotwife's gangbang

“My Hotwife’s Gangbang” is kind to give us a little setup before the fucking starts, because I think this is a fascinating subject. Just once I’d like to see the husband really reconsider what the fuck he just suggested, or the scene turn from hotwifing to an on-its-face cuckolding. But we need to let the artform evolve.

In the meantime, you might want to make friends with a guy who’s into hotwifing; that way you won’t feel too guilty when you cuckold him.

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