Geezer’s Bird: Meet Ava DaLush

I met Ava DaLush while standing on a frozen pool in a wintry high desert suburb north of Las Vegas. She was smoking a cigarette and, in the words of Thin Lizzy, driving all the old men crazy.


She was in town for Porn Film Vacations, in which fans of means tag along to exotic locales—even Las Vegas—to eat, drink, whisper secrets to, and film porn stars being porn stars.


It’s not as delicate a balance if you’ve got the right people. In various incarnations of the porn vacation model, Harmony director Gazzman has put together amiable fans with salt of the earth performers who walk around naked, flirt, drink beer, and generally behave exactly as Ava DaLush did when I met her recently.


A 5-foot native of Nottingham—where Robin Hood lived!—Ava DaLush says she has always been a “geezer’s bird,” meaning that she was the type of woman who got along with guys. In a 12-minute interview, she tells us about how she got into porn (surfing) and does a great job of mostly hiding her vagina.

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Everyone was in love with DaLush, and she knew it. There was a young French documentarian on hand, however, who was particularly smitten. We thought he was speaking in tongues but he was really just French.

I learned a lot of things that day about the different ways British and Americans speak the same language. For example: to us a “geezer” is an old man. In DaLush’s world a geezer is just a dude. And to her a fanny is a vagina, whereas to us it is the buttocks, leading to cross-Atlantic confusion over expressions like “fanny pack” and “shave my fanny.”

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