Gerald Damiano’s visions of Joanna

Gerard Damiano, who died in October, wrote, produced, and directed 1975’s The Story of Joanna, a gloomy and, as they could get away with saying at the time, thought-provoking porn starring Jamie Gillis and Tern Hall as a couple who take power exchanges very seriously.

The movie screens this Saturday at midnight at Hollywood’s New Beverly Theatre as part of its entertaining Grindhouse series. Admission is seven bucks and includes the movie, vintage trailers, and ambience.

“Bring a date, bring yo’ mama, bring a dirty old man,” says Festival curator Brian Quinn. “Happy endings not guaranteed, but always a possibility.”

Recently I went with Option 3 to the New Beverly to see Sharon Mitchell in The Violation of Claudia. Watching an adult movie in a theatre with other mouth-breathing human beings is something that everyone should do at least once before being stabbed in an alley.

And think of how cool you’ll seem at January’s Adult Entertainment Expo if someone asks you if you’ve seen Damiano’s much more famous Deep Throat and you sniff, “Yes, but the underestimated Story of Joanna is his true magnum opus.”

Take it from me – people are really impressed when you know a lot about porn.

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